13 Sep 2016

Twinwood Festival 2016

2016 was our 6th year of attending Twinwood, which is a firm fixture in all of our diaries. If you have never been to Twinwood or consider going, I can't recommend it enough.  

The price is such good value, as you can arrive on the Thursday and leave Tuesday. I don't know many other festivals that offer such good value for money. You can bring as much of your own food and drink as you like, and there are no restrictions taking it into the areas or late night areas. 

Twinwood is such a wonderful little bubble where I love catching up with people from not just all over the UK, but worldwide. When I come home I feel like I've been evicted from a nurturing family and swifty kicked back into reality. 

This year again we camped with a larger group our Lindy Hopping friends 'The Mudlarks'. Sadly we had a gazebo versus the wind incident and the wind won.... so we have to move our table, and food inside of our tent, it was wonderfully bijou!   

Our Gazebo before the wind took hold

This year saw the first year of the Twinwood team introducing a small amount of 1960's into the lineup.  Although this is not the the era that we as a group are interested in, it made for some great fun and dancing, I actually really quite liked the mix of music.  

There was rumour that there was some 70's music but neither I nor friends experienced anything 1970's or saw anything as such listed? 

Saturday night saw the Bootleg Beatles on the main arena, I've never seen it so busy and the crowd so electrified, they were amazing! 

I attend quite a lot of 1940's and 1950's based events, I felt it really made a nice change, especially for those of us that go for the full duration and need a change in music / beat and like to have a good boogie. 

Over-all Twinwood kept to their roots focusing on mainly 1940's / 50's bands, just with a greater choice, in more late night areas. There was some 1920's and 1930's which I really liked as I'm am starting to explore 1930's fashion at the moment. 

2016 was the first year for little Audrey, Four years ago my friend Nicola met Nick at Twinwood and the love story started. Last year Audrey was in mummy's tummy at Twinwood and this year she could finally meet everyone. 

What a difference a year makes!

Here's a round up of what I wore and pictures of some general silliness. 

Friday Nights outfit
Handmade top and Skirt from Outerlimitz

my lovelies 

Saturday daytime outfit
Dress - Original 1940's
Hat - Original 1940's
Shoes -  Miss L fire

With the lovely Tom Carradine

Saturday night outfit
Skirt - Original Vintage
Top - Missguided

With my lovely Anna aka Goldy Loxx
Sunday daytime outfitHat - Original 1940's
Dress with bolero  - Original 1940's

Shoes -  Miss L fire 

Sunday night's dress
Dress - Original 1950's

Cockney sing-a-long, this went on well into the early hours of Monday morning, but it was such great fun. 

My special friends; Binty's first year at Twinwood. I am certain it won't be her last!

One of my all time favorite men, Paul 

Love spending time with my lovely Faye 
Thanks Sarah for our dos. You always do the most amazing job

How gorgeous are my friends Faye and Bill together! 

Funnily we said we we going to have a quiet Friday night.... fail, clearly well and truly on the rum train here. We found out these cups hold a pint!

My naval friend Nick

Strike a pose.... no longer caring that I ripped my dress royally jiving too fast

I am taller than Sarah....  

Nags Head silliness 

The Sunshine came out on Monday. It was great to just sit back, relax and listen to the music 

I have heard some unrest about some changes that were made to this years festival. My opinion is that if the festival doesn't make some changes and move forward it will may not continue to draw the sell out numbers it has seen to date. 
The injection of some more late night areas and diverse music will mean that new people and a younger audience will attend. People that may like more 60's music may find themselves being immersed in a whole other era of music, fashion and culture. This I feel is what is needed to continue the wonderful word of vintage as we don't want this sub-culture to die out. 

Roll on next year... but in a caravan! 

UB x