4 Aug 2014

Beating Body Shaming

Lately I have been hearing and seeing a lot of hateful and potentially harmful comments towards female bloggers and women in general and I am sad to see that it's coming mostly from other women.
As bloggers we put ourselves out there, people think that this means we leave ourselves wide open to criticism. Does this really give someone the right to judge our bodies and leave comments as what to what they think we should look like and what we should / shouldn't show? Is it not the same as walking up to someone in the street and saying "you're ugly"?
I am fortunate as a blogger, I have been faced with little personal negativity, however this is not the case for my acquaintances in the blogasphere and that just pisses me off! It’s bullying, and that is NOT okay! 

Many of you that follow me on various social media platforms hopefully see that I am a keen purveyor of kindness and I support towards my fellow kin.  Now, I am not preaching just for femails here, you men are good in my book too : ) It is not any more acceptable to leave a negative comment about a males body as it is to a woman. Any kind of hateful behaviour to me is intolerable.

So when my friend Penny quite rightly decided to make a plea to us blog sorority to stop this craziness and join her to take a stand and spread the love, I of course wanted in.   

We can all be walking along the street and judge people, it unfortunately is a fact of life, these thoughts are sometimes born out of our own insecurities and for most of us that’s where they stay, as thoughts; but when it comes to leaving negative body related posts or making comments to others you have crossed the line, it’s just not acceptable.

When I was younger I use to get constant comments about my weight. People thought it was okay to comment on me being Skinny. I in fact wasn’t very well. I am naturally petite and in my early years was diagnosed with Coeliac disease, so was vastly underweight prior to knowing what was wrong with me and it took me a long while to get back a heathly weight and well. 
In my teens
I know as a 21 thirty something I feel I have quite a good attitude towards my own body, I am mostly quite comfortable in my own skin and do not feel like I have to hate on others to make myself feel better. Naturally I do have little hang up’s, I have moments when I start to feel a little down on myself, could I be a bit thinner, why is my hair not fuller.... 
Part of Penny's quest was to pair us up with fellow bloggers and asked us to take a look at their blog, and highlight three great things about them. I have been paired with @dinoprincesschar. I already follow her and dip in and out of her blog, one thing I know about her is she is a very talented dressmaker and has the most amazing shoe collection!

Char’s blog is a heady mix of outfits, lifestyle and sewing posts I love that her blog is not constraint to be about one thing which makes for a interesting a diverse read.

Take a plunge into her blog t*rex and tiaras and the first thing you will see is her beautiful long brown hair and slender frame all packaged up in some beautiful dresses, many that she has wonderfully handmade herself.

Char comes across in her posts and on twitter as kind and fun person that has a warm heart. She has a wonderful sense of individual style that I admire.

Penny asked us to include 3 things about ourselves that we like, it feels very strange to sit and think so... I love this about me, after all this is not the British way!    
  • I have a Malaysian / English heritage so have fairly almond eyes, more so as a child, I love my big brown eyes, people often comment on them, it makes me smile
  • I like being petite, at 5ft and a fag paper I can get up to mischief easily, this paired with my innocent face, it’s a winner J
  • I like being curvy, I have a big butt I shall not lie.... but I have a fondness for pin up girls and this is a shape that is mostly associated with 50’s pin ups.  

Remember each and every one of you is beautiful. I would love you to leave me a comment to stay what you love about yourself and share this post to join our cause to stop this uncalled for bullying.
 Urban Butterfly x