10 Jun 2014

A vintage girls guide to Glastonbury

When I say to people, "Yes I love Glastonbury, Yes I camp" they tend to do a little squint, a head tilt and reply "really"!!!.... For some reason I am not seen as a camper.

I like to joke that I am very much like an onion, there are many layers to what I enjoy!
Who would of thought, me, loving an excuse to don something on my head and jump around like a fool.....  
Glastonbury gives me freedom to have 6 days (yes I am a hardcore festival goer) of unadulterated fun with my hair and clothes. So cat ears and wigs at the ready!

Glastonbury 2010
I am often asked what I take, so here goes.

Packing list
  • Rum, all else is lost without this!
  • Hip Flask say no more
  • Bucket  I have a strip wash every day. I do not come back stinking! I find wet wipes leave you with a funny smell
  • Flannels  x 5
  • Washing items / basic cosmetics
  • 5 outfits, each one that can be layered up as it gets cooler towards the evening
  • Long stocks/Tights a tend to wear two pair of socks, no one wants to come home with trench foot!
  • Wellies and 1 pair of Dr Martens Open shoes are a no no especially in crowds
  • Hat  - There is little shade to be had if the sun decides to grace Worthy Farm
  • Tent / Sleeping bag and Air bed You need some luxury after all
  • Spare phone batteries. I only have a few this year as I have bought this to try - Power Bar As much as I try I am not an off the grid kinda gal
  • Things to put on my head.. haha a wig or Minnie Mouse ears. This year so far is looking tame!
  • Waterproofs You know at some point the heavens will open
  • Hand sanitiser
  • Suncream The areas are so vast with very little shade so it's so easy to burn and ruin your skin and your time there.
 do think about what I am taking to wear to Glastonbury, for me it's all part of the festival. Can you imagine if Simon Neil from Biffy Clyro spotted me and I looked a mess!
When I first started going to Glastonbury I bought what I think you "should" wear but in the last few years I am sticking true to more 'my style' and carrying it through to being in a field! To be honest I never get filthy and still have a excellent time.

Glastonbury 2013
This year I am looking forward to seeing Dolly Parton, Ed Sheeran and The 1975. I love that every year we discover new quirky little bands, go to flash Lindy dances and full on raves in the rain. I am also keen to see the Shellac Sisters They are four glam ladies who play all things vintage using 78rpm records on 1920s wind-up gramophones.  

I also can't wait to get there to eat! The array of food is amazing. As a Coeliac I thought I would be stuck with only a handful of options, how wrong was I! The food is great quality and it's a good price.

Is it your first time of going to a festival this year?

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Happy Camping!  

UB x