24 Feb 2014

I am my fringe......

One single thing should not define a person but my fringe or bangs to my friends across the pond is one of the thing people recognise me for. For some time my fringe has been a staple in the many hair transformations I've been through. I even had a good old fashion pudding bowl fringe at two years old. 

For years I’ve have been happy for people to near on shave my head but the directive has always remained “be careful with my fringe” It's a predominate feature in my logo, and for those who followed ‘logo gate’ with a not so pleasant Z-lister, will know why it meant so much to protect, not only was it copyright infringement of a graphic designers hard work but it is pretty much my face!! I digress….
Now with this unhealthy fringe obsession comes a high expectation and critical nature. Leaving me with a difficulty finding someone that understands ‘what I want’ I have a clear image in my mind as to shape and the perfect fringe for me, not what they think I should have!
It seems most hairdressers will cut a fringe in a bridge shape to frame the face, what I want is the opposite to this, I like a blunt cut smile shape, some will call this ‘Betty Bangs’ I’ve even taken to YouTube with a pair of clippers in hand, this did not end well!
After I cut with clippers... a little uneven!
My constant battle for the perfectly blunt cut fringe this month took me to a Barbers …. yes, you read that right, a Barbers! There I sat amongst all the men eagerly waiting! A lovely young girl took the time to stop, look and listen, then took her time to get it perfect, BINGO I’m thrilled! I've even been brave and had it taken quite a bit shorter.

Where my hair’s been cut into my hair line so badly I need to grow back the sides which will be a pain but it will get there. To top my exhilaration the barbers shop is within walking distance!

The new short fringe
UB x