30 Dec 2013

2014 Aspirations

I hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas.

This festive season I really felt like I had a break, which is great as I normally take little time off at Christmas.

My new years resolutions are really quite simple this year and all about what am I going to do rather than what I'm going to give up / stop.

In 2013 it was a wish to work less and restore my work life balance. For the past 3 years I've been doing some part-time work as a community carer on top of my at times very demanding full time job, this has left me with little down time. The end of 2013 has seen me give up another weekend shift, leaving me now with only 2 small community rounds that I just can't give up as I do enjoy it and love the people I visit and help.

So many of my 2014 resolutions are more what 'I want to do' with this time apart from seeing friends and family more.

* Spend more time practising yoga. I don't really talk much about my love for Yoga, I often chatter away about my dancing but Yoga is also a big part of my life. I was mugged some years ago and left with a lasting shoulder and neck injury and though Yoga and massage is the only way I control the pain and movement in these damaged areas. In particular I want to visit Beth at Urban Yoga Monkey, she runs workshops in East London that I have been dying to get to.

Picture courtesy of  Beth at Urban Yoga Monkey
* Get out the my sewing machine and make attempt to make more of my own clothes. I have this pattern to start with -

Pattern -New Look 6000
* To help me on my way to upping my dressmaking game I'd like to spend a day doing a workshop to get my confidence back and brush up my skills. The one I have is mind is with BooBoo Kitty Couture

Picture courtesy of BooBoo Kitty Couture
*Buy less high street and more handmade / independently made clothes

*Get my pin-curl and wet set perfected

My last attempt with foam rollers and a wet set

 What are you 2014 aspirations?

UB x


  1. Great aspirations and all totally achievable! Here's to plenty more fun in 2014! xx

  2. I also want to do more sewing - love your machine!
    Also, I love your blog, so I have nominated you for a Liebster award. Check out the nomination details at my blog here


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