1 Oct 2013

Birthday Wansies

I'm soon due to be another year older, but maybe not any wiser! Now a lady never divulges her age but I will be another 30 something eeek!

Now I'm no stranger to always having a wantsie list, as those who follow my facebook page will know with my weekly 'Wantsey Wednesday's' posts. Surely this makes me the easiest to buy for!
So here's whats on my birthday wish

You can buy this with / without the veil. I would like it without for now.

Hell Bunny Lucy Leopard collar cardigan - Various stores

 Vivienne Westwood Lady Dragon Lips

New Girl Series 2

Can I add in true beauty queen style, also I want world peace........

UB x


  1. Oh 30 something is not an age ;)
    I like your list - the bag is cute & multifunctioning. And i'm pretty sure that blouse is exactly your style & you're going to rock it :)


  2. I can imagine you rocking all of these pieces, but especially the blouse! Love your style! xx

  3. Hi dear!! I just found your blog!=)
    I stay here, hope that I can read you soon!




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