10 Jul 2013

Glastonbury 2013

I am sure you are fed up with hearing about Glastonbury, the media coverage seems to increase each year. 

I can honestly say it's one of my favourite places to go. I have never witnessed any trouble, people are pleasant, kind and polite to one another.
Many people are mistaken that it's just another music festival, oh how wrong they are! It's a magical place to meet such a diverse set of people that maybe you wouldn't normally get a chance to interact with, try crafts or see things you would not normally be exposed too; I mean how does one normally get to see Sir Bruce Forsyth! 
The site is pretty much in full swing 24hours a day and set over 900 acres, so is huge!

My favourite areas have to be the healing fields where you can try new alternative healing, practise yoga or even learn a spot or two about permaculture. Then their is Shangri-La for its year on year creativeness and outright wackiness.

Here's a few pictures from my stay this year. 

It was a bit muddy on the Thursday!

Trying to escape the beaming sunshine

Kate Nash's awesome performance

Girls with class don't need a glass!

The view from our tent

Garden area in the healing Field

Did you hear... The Rolling Stones played.
The Blues Stage

Because I really do LOVE chips



I discovered two new bands that I would love to see again - 

Tankus The Henge, a six piece band from London
International Jazz disaster
You can listen to them here - http://www.jazzdisaster.co.uk

I will put another post up later this week with what I wore.
Urban Butterfly x


  1. I am in total agreement with you, every time we've been we've never experienced anything but a bloody good time! My problem with Glasto this year was that I didn't get to come with you :( xx

  2. My always fab looking friend is back :) yeay!!
    "Girls with class don't need a glass!" - awesome!


  3. Awesome post and some really great photos!! :D



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