10 Jul 2013

Glastonbury 2013

I am sure you are fed up with hearing about Glastonbury, the media coverage seems to increase each year. 

I can honestly say it's one of my favourite places to go. I have never witnessed any trouble, people are pleasant, kind and polite to one another.
Many people are mistaken that it's just another music festival, oh how wrong they are! It's a magical place to meet such a diverse set of people that maybe you wouldn't normally get a chance to interact with, try crafts or see things you would not normally be exposed too; I mean how does one normally get to see Sir Bruce Forsyth! 
The site is pretty much in full swing 24hours a day and set over 900 acres, so is huge!

My favourite areas have to be the healing fields where you can try new alternative healing, practise yoga or even learn a spot or two about permaculture. Then their is Shangri-La for its year on year creativeness and outright wackiness.

Here's a few pictures from my stay this year. 

It was a bit muddy on the Thursday!

Trying to escape the beaming sunshine

Kate Nash's awesome performance

Girls with class don't need a glass!

The view from our tent

Garden area in the healing Field

Did you hear... The Rolling Stones played.
The Blues Stage

Because I really do LOVE chips



I discovered two new bands that I would love to see again - 

Tankus The Henge, a six piece band from London
International Jazz disaster
You can listen to them here - http://www.jazzdisaster.co.uk

I will put another post up later this week with what I wore.
Urban Butterfly x

7 Jul 2013

Dreaming of Herve Leger

What a beautiful day it's been, British summertime at it's best, along with Andy Murray being the first man since Fred Perry, 77 years ago to win Wimbledon.
It's been lovely to sit in the garden and dreamily look at the the cloudless sky.Talking of dreaming, look at these beautiful items from Herve Leger.

Clinch Belt

I have a much cheaper version of this belt but have always dreamed of owning such a beautiful piece.

This would look great dressed over a crisp white shirt or worn more edgy over a plain white T, it's just so gorgeous.

Cutout Bustier

This is my favourite piece, I would love to wear it out dancing. I really love the whole matchy trend that is in full swing at the moment. 
I can dream of many other ways that this could be broken up to be a working part of my wardrobe. 

Sabina Butterfly Jacquard

I feel a little wander around Harrods to check these out coming on!

Urban Butterfly x