19 Jun 2013


I was shocked too see that the last time I blogged was the 7th May!

My work life balance the last few months has been like that of elephant sitting on the work end of the scales. 
Work has taken me to both Paris and Turkey for week each and with the general craziness in the middle I have been a bit MIA.

For those who don't follow me on my Facebook blog page... why not? ; ) Here are a few pictures of what I have been wearing and getting up to in the last few months.

I had a week in Turkey with work for the European Triathlon Championships,  the heat got up to 32 degrees, I frazzled!

Ready for dinner with customers in Turkey - (Today I'm Wearing)
 Dress from Holly Willoughby at Very.com
 Today I'm wearing
 Breaking out my new sandals I was saving - (Today I'm Wearing) -
Sandals from NEXT

 I love this T'Shirt (Today I'm Wearing)

 Ready for Afternoon Tea (Today I'm Wearing)

 Rocking some super bling and new heels (Today I'm Wearing)
Necklace from Next

Had been saving this Hell Bunny dress since December. I wore to The 'Big Essex Jive'

 In my Land Army Uniform at the Essex Blitz Party

Oh...I found some army lads!

With the bestie
Today I'm wearing

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Urban Butterfly x


  1. Finally, there you are girl!! So good to see you back. Missed your posts.
    Wow what a gorgeous selection of dresses. Well i wouldn't expect anything else from you ;)
    Love the red dress :) Suits you perfectly.

    Xoxo, Luchessa.

  2. Only just found your blog - your style is so cute, I love it! That red Hell Bunny dress looks amazing on you :)

    Jo x


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