9 Apr 2013

UB Goes Scouse

This weekend saw me travel north with friends as a guest of Diamond Jive's for their Rockabilly night.

Diamond Jive who my friend Lisa dances with are based in Shoreditch, London and along with a local friend held a day and night of dance classes and Rockabilly bands at Camp and Furnace in the heart of Liverpool's docks area.

I don't think I have worn a cut-off top and exposed my tummy since I was 12 years old, but I fell in love with the Hell Bunny Vixen 'Candy' skirt and 'Hula' top so just had to give it a go.

An action shot of me dancing courtesy of Diamond Jive
Hell Bunny Vixen 'Candy' skirt with a petticoat underneath

My first attempt at a reverse manicure using Barry M's Gelly Nail Effects in Lychee and Blood Orange.
On Sunday we had a lovely wonder around Liverpool's centre in the sunshine visiting a few vintage shops. I would love to go back so that I could explore the city further.

Urban Butterfly x


  1. this looks so much fun! and I have been lusting over that hell bunny set for some time! I'm totally smitten with it in yellow and pink, they also have that print in a halter dress! oh my! how's a gal to choose! it looks lovely on you though, you've spurred on my need to buy it! xx

  2. :) It was super fun. I also bought the top in Leena (more Bralet type) but with it being cropped and my age felt it was a bit too much. It's a lovely set x

  3. Lovely set and fab nails! Diamond Jive at the Libertine in London is always a fun night! :)

    1. Oh yes, I went there to see Sixteen and the Sidewinders play last month. Were you there?

  4. This sounds like such fun and your outfit looks fantastic.


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