10 Jan 2013


I dedicate this outfit post to Maude, a wonderful lady I use to care for who sadly passed away.
Before she died her daughter with her mums permission gave me her head scarves from when she was younger as she knew I’d wear them. We often enjoyed many chats my love of vintage and fashion, and what they use to wear. 
Today I wore one of the scarves, I wear it with fond memories of Maude, who's dearly missed.

Urban Butterfly x



  1. awwww RIP Maude, how lovely that her head scarves live on for another generation. You look super pretty in them baby :) xxx

  2. Aww it's beautiful, what a lovely thing for her to do. You can always think of her when you wear them :) xx

  3. what a sweet tribute, and bless her for being so thoughtful at the end, too xxx


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