10 Jan 2013


I dedicate this outfit post to Maude, a wonderful lady I use to care for who sadly passed away.
Before she died her daughter with her mums permission gave me her head scarves from when she was younger as she knew I’d wear them. We often enjoyed many chats my love of vintage and fashion, and what they use to wear. 
Today I wore one of the scarves, I wear it with fond memories of Maude, who's dearly missed.

Urban Butterfly x


1 Jan 2013

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone, I hope that you all had a fabulous evening and it continues into a happy and healthly 2013 

I chose to stay in last night, seeing the New Year in wearing my PJ's and slippers. I know that surprises most but I was out doing extra community calls until late so by the time I got home I was done for. So sadly no party dress shots this year from me.

Now I am not one to make resolutions of what I will give up, I like the idea more of 'What will I do in 2013' so here they are -

Complete a challenge for charity

Try to reduce the amount of waste I create

Practise more Yoga

Work less and spend more time with the special people in my life

Dig over my vegetable patch after last years fallow year and try to
produce a greater yield to sustain all my veggie needs

Improve my dancing (Get my arse to class every week)

Read more

Buy less high street and more vintage

Find a fabulous 40's hat

Attend more Blogger related invitations (Last year I was invited to some fabulous events but due to work and the Olympics couldn't attend :( But this year I will see you all out and about)

Most of the above share an overwhelming similarity, I want to try and improve my work life balance this year! What are your New Year resolutions?
I would also like to say a big thank you for all the support and lovely comments I have been given in 2013, I appreciate the time you take to follow and read my blog.

Urban Butterfly x