22 Nov 2012

Dear Santa

Am I too late to write to Father Christmas?

Just as I thought this was the first year I didn't have a Festive Wantsie list BAM! it happens, all the good stuff raises their heads.

So Father Christmas, if you are reading this, I have been a good girl and I would very much like these -

I love Vintage- Iced Coffee Dress - €139.00

 I love Vintage - 40's Feather Bow Hat - €39.00


Balconette bra - £30.00 
 Satin suspender -£20.00
 Satin brief -£16.00

Topshop -Painted Edge Satchel - £28.00

Liesel Circle Skirt - £46.00

Agent Provocateur Maitresse eau de parfum - £46.00

Anyone who knows me personally knows that I never shut up about New Girl so this may keep me quite for a while!

Tara Starlet Cropped Cape and Victory Skirt
Skirt - £70.00
Cape - £65.00

Retro Daisy Posy Dress -£47.00

What's on your Christmas list ?

Urban Butterfly x


  1. YAY, I have missed you blogging my lovely one.

    I love ALL of them. I would especially love that bottle of perfume on my dressing table - how very glam :)

  2. Yes to all of the above!!! I'd be more than happy with that lot : )

  3. That first dress is stunning!! Lovely pieces, maybe if you've been a good girl!! ;) xx

  4. They are all fab - I may have to put the circle skirt on my own list, you know I'm a sucker for anything with braces!

  5. The Iced Coffee Dress is just """"OH WOW""""


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