26 Nov 2012

Friday Night Dancing

Recognise this dress? It's my Tara Starlet birthday dress I bought for my 30th birthday last year.

This charming dress has sadly sat in the wardrobe for over a year unworn, so Friday night I freed its soul and took her dancing at the Essex Vintage weekender. This dress was made for dancing after all!

I rolled up my hair, with practise I am getting better.

I have been learning to Jive and Lindy Hop on and off for a year or so, sadly with work commintments I missed classes over the summer but back to class now. This is how my dancing is coming along.


Urban Butterfly x

22 Nov 2012

Dear Santa

Am I too late to write to Father Christmas?

Just as I thought this was the first year I didn't have a Festive Wantsie list BAM! it happens, all the good stuff raises their heads.

So Father Christmas, if you are reading this, I have been a good girl and I would very much like these -

I love Vintage- Iced Coffee Dress - €139.00

 I love Vintage - 40's Feather Bow Hat - €39.00


Balconette bra - £30.00 
 Satin suspender -£20.00
 Satin brief -£16.00

Topshop -Painted Edge Satchel - £28.00

Liesel Circle Skirt - £46.00

Agent Provocateur Maitresse eau de parfum - £46.00

Anyone who knows me personally knows that I never shut up about New Girl so this may keep me quite for a while!

Tara Starlet Cropped Cape and Victory Skirt
Skirt - £70.00
Cape - £65.00

Retro Daisy Posy Dress -£47.00

What's on your Christmas list ?

Urban Butterfly x

19 Nov 2012

News Flash!

Have you heard...... Topshop's now providing a click and collect store service! 

This excites me greatly, you can't imagine how many times I've wanted to buy something silly online that I can't get in store yet don't as the delivery cost matches the product price.
Well now those days are over as on Friday Topshop launched their click and collect service. Purchase as you normally would online, then select store delivery....simples! 

Delivery to store is free of charge and next day delivery is only £2.00. What clever devils those folks at Topshop are to launch this just before Christmas.

Urban Butterfly x

13 Nov 2012

We all love a Sailor

Ahoy there me hearties!

Through my full time job I was lucky enough to be invited to the 2012 World Sailor Awards held in Dublin.
Those who follow me on Instagram will have seen my stream of pictures from Ireland last week. Don't follow me on there... why not? Just search urbanbutterfly to find me.

This is prestigious award ceremony that for the first time was aired on television this year....I'm famous... Okay maybe not, but I did get to meet a string of International Olympians one of which was our best ever Olympic Sailor Ben Ainslie; sadly the host the King of Greece was too busy to receive me! :)  

Here's what I wore, sorry about the quality of the pictures but I was only armed with my phone and had to take super quick snaps when the ladies room was vacant.

Dress - Love at Topshop
Belt - ASOS.com

Urban Butterfly x