3 Oct 2012


Some of you may know that I have been waiting for my tattoo appointment for quite a few months so when woke up I was super excited and also a little nervous as I couldn't remember if I found my previous one that painful?
I had this inked on my thigh a few years back, but I grew bored of it as I felt it just sat there with no real va va voom. Now I love all things peacock and henna and equally for years have been saving tattoo inspiration pictures of both.

So this is what I had started today, it's only half complete as it will end up as a half leg piece. I was offered a five hour appointment but I'm a terrible fidget and struggled with keeping still for even twenty minutes!
I had a three hour sitting and think I will still need around three more hours.
My next appointment will be to have the feathers shaded / pattern added, his tail feathers added and lots more henna style flowers and shapes added around to make it more of an overall piece.

Bed all set for me to hop on and get inked!

All stencilled on and ready to go

Adding in the outline

Taking a break, flowers and henna shape has been hand drawn on

After 3 hours!

As you can see there is a lot left to do and my exsiting flower has started to be cleverly hidden in with the over all new design.

I will keep you updated as more is added and it starts to take shape.

So all I need now is a name for him! Sugguestions?

Urban Butterfly x


  1. That looks so beautiful! Really eye-catching design.

    I have three tattoo ideas in my head but have yet to finalise any of the designs and get moving on it. Really wonder if I'll ever get round to it! :/

    Morag x

  2. Wowee that's a biggie! Beautiful! Three hours is my limit, it gets a bit sore after that for me! It'll look super once it's shaded. Congrats!

  3. I am in awe of your braveness honey!!!! You have most definitely gone for it!

    and how great do your legs look :) x

  4. Argus- after the Greek legend of the peacock :)
    He looks lovely!

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