1 Aug 2012

Ooh La La

Whilst waiting in a rather lengthy Primark queue I spied these little spotty press on nails. They are being sold for a grand sum of a £1.00!  Normally they are not something I wouldn't really wear but for the price I thought "In for a penny in for a pound"... haha sorry bad pun!


Very thin and flimsy
Did ping off quickly
They don't look very good if you try and file them down

I think you pay for what you get with these, and who can moan for £1.00. They are a great idea if you want them for just one night as something a bit playful but they are not really build to last for much more than that. I would maybe buy again but look forward to seeing if they bring out a larger selection of designs.

Urban Butterfly x

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  1. They would have been cool with a mini mouse outfit lovely :)


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