19 Aug 2012

Catch up...

I have been a bit absent the last few weeks so I thought I would quickly show you what I have been up to in pictures.

Happy Birthday Tbo
It was my friend Teena's 30th Birthday, she is the last one of my close group of friends to turn the big 3-0. There was lots of wine, dancing and these ....

Butlers in the Buff

Lala and I enjoying the vino
My serious wine face

Last Saturday night I went for a while to my friend Chris aka 'Claudes' stag do, yes you read that right, a girl on a stag do! I have been good friends with Claude for a long time and was invited to join him to celebrate his prenuptials. His weekend away though is strictly boys only! I didn't cramp his style for too long, leaving the boys do what boys do!

With a very drunk stag
I then had to drive and stay in Portland last week for work. I assisted many of the Olympic sailing teams to get their equipment ready and loaded to go back to their home nations. One highlight of my trip was watching the closing ceremony with part of the Brazilian sailing team, and seeing them proudly take the Olympic baton for Rio 2016

Up on Portland, in the middle of this picture you can just about make out the Olympic village

The Brazilian teams equipment

I have barely had time to do any shopping as you see, thank god for the world of online stores :)

If you fancy nosing at what else I have been getting up to, you can view my photo a day HERE.

Urban Butterfly x


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