25 Jul 2012

Wantsie Wednesday - Return Of the Sunshine

Everyone enjoying the long overdue sunshine? I am so pleased I can show off my little bit of tan I have from our holiday last week.
It's that time of year again when I am looking ahead to Autumn / winter. I tend to buck the trend, with my love of Autumn, rather than Summer, I prefer to be covered up in tights and cardigans.  Maybe it's just a secret ploy to buy more as more layers are needed :)

So here's what's on this weeks wantsie list -

I am going to Twinwood Vintage Festival August bank holiday weekend, and I feel this needs to be added to my going away bag for my nights of dancing.

Hellbunny Tiger Lilli Dress - £45-£55

I stole these little beauties from Jools' wish list, well I could as they were on there for all of an hour then went on to her purchased list at lightning speed.

On my 'Birthday Wish List' yes... it's already started :) I had a pair of longer length leather gloves and these are just dreamy. However with a price of £395 they may not transfer onto my 'I've got list' quite as quickly as Jools' did. Maybe if I am good she will ask me over to play with her set :)

Burberry Studded Gloves - £395

Enjoy the rest of your sunny week

Urban Butterfly x


  1. You need these gloves in your life baby. I am sure they will sporn lots of copies over the coming months as they collection was very prominent. The Tiger Lilli dress is perfection

  2. Aw I love that bralet, so pretty! xx

  3. i've got the hellbunny dress, it's really nice but needs a crinoline! x


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