2 Jul 2012


We had my good friend Kristy's 30th Birthday celebration on Saturday night. It was the perfect opportunity to test drive my new Kelly Brook Pencil Skirt. I also bought the matching Red Spot Structured bustier but it's a little big around the straps as I had to buy a size bigger as I couldn't fit my lady lumps in the cups. But i have a good dressmaker that can alter to fit me.

Skirt - Kelly Brook Range at New Look
Top / Shoes - NEXT

Me and the bestie

Now for a little rant, which is unlike me but......

Along with the Kelly Brook skirt and bustier I also bought the Bardot Dress
in her range, I had my eye on it for a few weeks then last week it went down in a flash sale from £39.99 down to £12, I am not sure if this was a mistake but it's now back online as £39.99.

Bardot Dress
However I could not get the dress done up over my bust, so called my nearest stores to see who had it in the next size up, I explained what I wanted to do, just swap it, that I purchased online, blah blah and they kindly held the size for me to collect. I was not impressed with New Look as after I travelled 25 minutes, queued in 10 minute line, on my only morning off all week to be told that I was not able to exchange a online sale item that was not on sale still in store. I had the receipt, it was only delivered 4 days earlier. I was advised to return and then repurchase, but it would be at the full price!
This dress may go back into the sale in a week or so time and I hope they will still have it in my size but to be honest I may just return and forget it.
Needless to say I am very unhappy, this kind of service puts me off ordering anything online again with New Look!

Now, I don't want to leave you on a rant, so let me share with you Jessie Ware, I love this song so much at the moment. What do you think?

Urban Butterfly x

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