27 Jun 2012

Come shopping with me

Hi everyone, have you been enjoying the sunshine the last few days?
Today I have been dashing around in the heat, leaving me feeling all hot and bothered, however my day finished on a high after leaving a very happy 16 year old all ready to go to her prom after her makeup booking with me, I do love my job!

I ordered a skirt and top from ASOS with the idea of wearing them to a special friends 30th birthday this weekend, sadly both of the highly anticipated items arrived and were dreadful, needless to say they have been instantly returned! So tonight I had to shoot off Lakeside for an emergency shop.

While frantically picking up all sorts in Topshop I caught sight of this beauty, I swear the angels sang... ok maybe a little dramatic but you get it.... I just had to try it on and share it with you, I'm in love....

Sorry about the picture quality but as you can see they were taken in low light on phone

Jones+Jones Julia Dress Liberty Print Green Pansy - £75

Sadly the dress is not quite befitting for Saturday night, but I am thinking about it for a friends wedding later in the year, the only negative is it's quite short, but I MUST own this dress so I will find an occasion to parade in it. I checked the Topshop website and this dress isn't showing on their site yet but you can by direct from the Jones+Jones website.

Also I had a little change in hair colour yesterday wasn't quite as I hoped and a lot darker than I was intending to go but I will see how it fades and made a decision if to keep it or try and go red? What do you think?

Taken with Instagram

Urban Butterfly x


  1. Oh wow, that dress is stunning - I love the skirt part! And your hair is lovely as it is, but as a redhead I'd say try red :D x

  2. Ahh I LOVE that dress!! Your hair is lovely like that! xx

  3. I know that you will find an occasion to wear that dress, even if you have to arrange a party yourself - it is perfect on you, and you have to own it!

    I adore the hair, you can get away with most colours, and easy to add some red later if you still have the urge. I don't know anybody with shinier hair than you!!

  4. Loving that dress....super cute! The hair is looking gorg too! x


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