1 May 2012

When Urban Butterfly Met Dita Von Teese

My fingers can hardly type this as I'm still in such a state of euphoria! 
Dita Von Teese has always been my style icon and meeting her has always been a dream of mine. I though it would never come true, until Liberty announced that Dita Von Teese would be in store to launch her debut fragrance simply named 'Dita'

Now this glorious wind, rain and all seasonal weather was never going to deter my visit. So up I get at up at 6.30am this morning (a girl needs to look her best for such a star) collected Lala and off to the big smoke we went!

We arrived just at the right time before the queue started to tail around Liberty and staked out until it was time for Dita to arrive.

Lala and I excited in the queue

Oh and how she did in style, but really would we expect any less! Arriving in a vintage Rolls Royce and assisted out with such elegance.
Now it was far from warm today in London, the drizzle and grey cloud just wouldn't sod off, yet Miss Teese never one to disappoint in the style stakes, arrived in a stunning teal floor length sleeveless gown, show casing her beautiful figure and ample curves!

Once inside Dita was seated in the fragrance hall adorned by four rather handsome men! Lala was very impressed with this touch ; ) I must admit my knees felt weak as I was so nervous, I was hoping that I didn't do a little wee ; )
Look at the expression on my face, I was that nervous I couldn't smile properly, instead opting for a rather bemused glance of terror! This moment went in a flash! Totes star struck!!

 Showing that I can smile!

Lala Looking gorge

Here's the small handbag bottle that I purchased as it wasn't available to smell before you bought it. I love the little quote inside the box.

It's everything it says on the box with soft smell perfect for the day and night that oozes glamour and femininity. I am sure this will become a firm favourite in my perfume collection.

The quote inside -
Perfume sets the Mood..... and I am in the mood for glamour

The bottle

Promo Shot for launch

My signed autograph, that I will treasure FOREVER!

Right....I must now go and lay down, it's all been far too much excitement for one day! Tonight I will dream of Dita :)

Urban Butterfly x



    I know how much you adore her, and today was a dream come true. You and Nic looked so cool too, I loved that you made the effort.

    God Dita is just a goddess isn't she !!!

    SO FREAKING HAPPY FOR YOU ................

    1. Thanks sugar. What a day! :) only wish I had caught what shoes she was wearing, got to have been Loubies after last nights event surely?

  2. Ahhhh she's soo gorgeous! You looked fab too, love your hair! :D

  3. She was tiny too! Will blog in the next few days what I wore :) x

  4. Lovely to have been lined up next you two fab girlies, what a lovely way to spend a morning. Dita was such a sweetheart AND i love the perfume!

    Great Blog by the way!
    Take care

    Cherry XX (red polka dot skirt, red fascinator and a clear umbrella with your eyeball on its prong!)

    1. It was lovely to meet you to Cherry, thanks for the rain cover :) You did a much better job that I would have done. Drop me a line if you want me to sent you any of the picture by email minus the web address' across them. Hope you will drop by to say hi once in a while. X

  5. Great post! I meant to ask to see her shoes too and in my flustered state I totally forgot! -Laurel (White Raincoat, Black and White Skirt, Had to have my pic by the car ;) )

  6. Laurel & Cherry you both looked Fab! It was a great way to spend the morning, I couldn't concentrate back at work afterwards that's for sure. I was totally glammed out by DVT and all the lovely ladies in the queue! Amazing. x

  7. What a lovely day for you!! :)


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