16 May 2012

Review ~ Dr Nick Lowe - Purifying Foam Cleanser

Hi everyone, how's your week been? we're now headed over the hump of the week and cruising to the weekend, so it can only get better in my book! Sorry there is no 'Wantsie Wednesday' this week, as holiday is looming so I am on total shopping lockdown.
Now to the matter in hand.....It seems that stopping using Vichey NormaDerm Gel and starting using only Dove soap caused havoc with my skin. I awoke one day a few weeks ago to a strange little cluster of spots on my forehead? I have never had anything like it before, so in my vanity I was a little bit panicked!

Off I ran trotted to Boots in need of a fix, I couldn't wait for on-line orders, it was an emergency folks!
After browsing the numerous skincare products I came across Dr Nick Lowe, now this is not a brand I have heard or seen before? The key thing I remember reading from various blogs and beauty reviews was a important ingredient is 'Salicylic Acid', this was featured high on the listed ingredients for the Purifying Foam Cleanser. Faced with my usual indecisiveness and no 3G to google the brand, I called my friend Jools, to see if she had heard of this dude? As quick as lightening after hanging up the phone... I don't exaggerate here, I had a text saying he was indeed a Dr, not some branded phony and a well regarded Dermatologist at that.

Using it for the first time it felt a bit strange, it's a foam product that is not all that thick. Once on my face it didn't lather and I didn't really feel clean.
Looking at the reviews on Boots website the lack of feeling clean is shared by others but they all go on to say it's still great product that helps to maintain / clear up blemished skin.

Five weeks in and I wholeheartily agree with the reviews, so far (touch wood) I have not had any breakouts, my skin feels healthier and has even reduced the appearance of the small blocked pores I have on my T-Zone. Even better this product is great value at only £10.16 at Boots  As I'm so pleased with this I will try more products in the Dr Nick Lowe range.
I have combined the use of this foam with a flannel (or face cloth for my friends across the pond) on the advise of Beauty Mouth and her promotion of the virtues of using said item, rather than cotton wool or face wipes.
Read the article HERE and change the way you cleanse your skin!
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  1. I may have seen this and decided I need it. Even though I don't really need another cleanser. Damn you :p x


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