11 May 2012

Hand Harness - Yay or Nay?

I can see that the trend for hand hardness' as they call them could very be a fleeting phase, but I think they are quite fun and like the Indian connotation.

When I first spotted them I wasn't too sure, If I was going to wear one it would have to be as feminine as possible. They don't really fit in with my normal look that leans very much toward vintage / tailored wear,  so I am never going to rock ones with skulls or that are super chunky. 

However, I saw this one online at ASOS.com and thought it was sweet.

What do you think of them?

Urban Butterfly x


  1. I think theyre nice! I think it would annoy me tho haha!

  2. Lurve this! delicate but soo cute

  3. I agree that they might be a moment only fad , but they are so pretty
    And such a great price that even if u get bored you
    Can still say you loved it at the time

    It looks super cute x Jools xx

  4. I too think they may not be around for very long, but think they are pretty and would buy one if i saw a pretty one like this. x B x


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