21 May 2012

Guest Post - MrsBeBe ~ Everyday Vintage

When the beautiful Mrs UB asked me to a guest blog I was so excited, I think we found a common ground through our love of vintage and although I wouldn’t consider myself a full on retro babe, I do like to try and incorporate a bit of vintage styling into my everyday wardrobe and my home.
So, to that end, I thought it might nice to give you a few hints and tips on how to incorporate a bit of vintage into your life too (should you wish to that is!)

Hair – When styling your hair, a cute flower in your or head scarf can give your day to day look a retro feel

Wardrobe – Stripes, cropped cardigans and a little turn up on ones jeans can instantly give you a rockabilly feel. I tend to flit between time periods myself, yes I’m what you might call a vintage ho.... so also keep an eye out for original vintage pieces you can style with your high street pieces. A vintage style jacket like these ones available from Devoted 2 Vintage add an instant vintage feel to any outfit and would look great with some skinny jeans.

The highstreet is also awash with items that can be vintage up, Just lasy week I picked up this leopard print dress from ASOS which I wore to a evening of Burlesque.

In terms of footwear, I just don’t think you can go wrong with Miss L Fire
they have some of the most amazing retro-inspired footwear I’ve ever seen, the quality is amazing and the styling is impeccable. Some of my favourites this season are.
                                                  Sonny - £8.99

 Home Sweet Home - £89.99

Nautilus -£54.99
So there you have it, my little foray into everyday vintage. I’ve only really scratched the surface but below are some links to some of my favourite vintage and retro repro companies for your viewing pleasure.



  1. What a lovely post Mrs Bebe, I love those shoes they are very special! I good look at their website is in order I think.

  2. aww lovely Mrs Bebe, I love what you did with the hair scarf :)


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