27 May 2012

Guest Blog - Talonted ~ Half Moon Manicure / Reverse Manicure

“Hi guys, I’m Lex AKA Talonted. I was so pleased to be asked to guest blog on Urban Butterfly, especially as I got to do a tutorial. I love tutorials!!

Today I decided to do a tutorial for a classic half-moon manicure as I know how much Miss Urban Butterfly loves Dita Von Teese and I’m pretty sure Dita was born with her nails like this.
All you need for this manicure is: base coat, two nail polish colours (I chose a nude and a red), ring reinforcement stickers and top coat.

Step 1 – Paint your nails with base coat and leave to dry

Step 2 – Paint on your first colour – I used 17’s ‘Forever’: a gorgeous minky nude. Wait for this to dry completely ( I used Seche Vite top coat to hurry to process along as I have no patience!)

Step 3 – Apply a ring reinforcement sticker on the bottom of every nail on one hand. Rub the stickers to make sure there are no gaps between the sticker and your nail, otherwise the next coat will bleed underneath and ruin your line.

Step 4 – Paint your second colour onto your nails – I used OPI’s ‘An Affair In Red Square’: a striking, shimmering red.

Step 5 – Wait until until the polish is dry before removing the stickers (again, I fell back on Seche Vite to speed it up)

Step 6 – Apply a final layer of top coat to smooth over the line and protect your manicure.

Et voila! The perfect half-moon manicure. I hope this tutorial helped – and thank you for having me!



  1. Absolutely gorgeous I love this look! And surprisingly simple....given your great instructions. Definitely going to be trying this once my nails have grown to a decent length : )

  2. oh this is such a cool look and I often wondered how it was done!! Fabulous :)

    1. I love this look too! This is surprisingly simple....

  3. Where can I find ring reinforcement stickers?

  4. Looooooove it!!! :) .....VOTE YES FOR AMENDMENT 2!!

  5. Cool. Perhaps I wouldn't use those two colors but I like the effect. it adds visual interest to your hand and can be really glamorous on certain occasions. Thanks for sharing this technique so we know how to do it for our own nails.


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