7 May 2012

Girls Day Out

How was your Bank holiday weekend? Was the weather wet like it was here in the South of England?
Unusually todays post doesn't contain clothes or makeup, but please don't run...... I thought it would be nice to show you what I did with my Bank Holiday Monday. :)

The girls and I took a little road trip to Leeds Castle in Kent. This historical medieval castle is said to date back to 1119 and is set in a mass of beautiful grounds and once a home to Catherine of Aragon; my favourte wife of Henry VIII.

View from the Gardens
They have Peacocks wandering around the grounds, now Peacocks are my favourite animals, I just find them magnicificant. I don't think I have shared this before but I have a passion for history, there's a clue in my love for all things vintage, so I'm sure this is no shock to you! Along with the peacocks and the great company I was in my element!

On the 1st May the castle started a exhibition called 'What the Butler Saw' It's a look at the life below stairs during Lady Baillie's ownership 1930's Leeds Castle was a playground for the rich and famous, Lady Baillie an Anglo-American heiress entertained high society and hollywood actors in the castle that was her weekend and holiday home. At the time there were over 30 servants in the house who met the needs of the visitors, so they sure saw some sights! Part of the exhibition was Lady Baillie's clothes and her beautiful art deco built in wardrobe and bathroom. I met this little baby squirrel on my way out, It wasn't fased by me getting so close. I have never seen a baby squirrel before!
Mr Nutkins (Taken with Instragram)

The dining room

The to die for library

Middle Courtyard
Taken with Instagram

Urban Butterfly x



  1. awww I have not seen a baby squirrel either, that is just the cutest thing.

    I adore castles, it makes me want to dress up in our finery and drink tea out of the most beautiful bone china! and wear lots of diamonds :D

    off to make a crust free cucumber sandwich ........ !

  2. Glad you had fun. I must say it all looks amazing, wouldn't mind going there myself now hehe.

  3. I love Leeds Castle, I've been there a few times, is it still the case where you can gte 12 months entry with one ticket?

    Did you go through the maze and see the weird cavey thing??



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