30 May 2012

Guest Post - Muffin Top Vintage

Hi lovely people,

I am Katrina from Muffin Top Vintage :)

Urban Butterfly recently did guest post for me when I was concentrating on my dissertation so when she recently asked me if would like to do a guest post on her blog, of course I said I would love to return the favour.
So I was trying to decide what to write about and I knew I wanted it to be something vintage inspired to fit in with Urban Butterfly's blog.
I thought I would share my way of creating a vintage hairstyle, I set my hair in the evening then go to bed. The rollers I use are soft so I find them really easy to sleep in.

What you need:

Soft rollers (Granny type)

Hair Net

A tail comb

Setting lotion.

Section your hair in four parts with the tail comb, then spritz with the setting lotion. I decant my setting lotion into a travel spray bottle, as it is easier to use.

Then divide each section again but into six sections, or four depending on how thick your hair is. Take each section and wrap it round the roller leaving about 4/5 inches gap from your hair.
The reason I do this is I find if you wrap it too tight it can look too modern, however that’s just my personal choice.

The put on the hair net and go to sleep.

When you wake up simply take all the rollers out and brush through with a flat brush then pin the sides up. I like to have an off centre parting and then I twist the hair and push it forward for little bit of body.

If you have any questions please let me know at muffintopvintage@hotmail.co.uk

I hope you have a lovely day and please feel free to pop over to Muffin Top Vintage to say hi. http://muffintopvintage.blogspot.com/

Ciao for now

Love Katrina x

27 May 2012

Guest Blog - Talonted ~ Half Moon Manicure / Reverse Manicure

“Hi guys, I’m Lex AKA Talonted. I was so pleased to be asked to guest blog on Urban Butterfly, especially as I got to do a tutorial. I love tutorials!!

Today I decided to do a tutorial for a classic half-moon manicure as I know how much Miss Urban Butterfly loves Dita Von Teese and I’m pretty sure Dita was born with her nails like this.
All you need for this manicure is: base coat, two nail polish colours (I chose a nude and a red), ring reinforcement stickers and top coat.

Step 1 – Paint your nails with base coat and leave to dry

Step 2 – Paint on your first colour – I used 17’s ‘Forever’: a gorgeous minky nude. Wait for this to dry completely ( I used Seche Vite top coat to hurry to process along as I have no patience!)

Step 3 – Apply a ring reinforcement sticker on the bottom of every nail on one hand. Rub the stickers to make sure there are no gaps between the sticker and your nail, otherwise the next coat will bleed underneath and ruin your line.

Step 4 – Paint your second colour onto your nails – I used OPI’s ‘An Affair In Red Square’: a striking, shimmering red.

Step 5 – Wait until until the polish is dry before removing the stickers (again, I fell back on Seche Vite to speed it up)

Step 6 – Apply a final layer of top coat to smooth over the line and protect your manicure.

Et voila! The perfect half-moon manicure. I hope this tutorial helped – and thank you for having me!


25 May 2012

Guest Post - Pretty Greetea

Hello lovely readers of Urban Butterfly. I am delighted to be guest blogging on one of my favourite blogs today and hope that you enjoy my post.

I wanted to share a few photos of flowers with you because I get my inspiration for what I wear from nature. If I see pink and yellow flowers then I will incorporate these shades into my outfit but if the flowers outside my house happen to be blue and purple then you will see me wearing more of these colours. The colours of the flowers also help me to decide what colours I ill be painting my nails, saying that I have actually had black nail varnish on all week. I have enjoyed wearing a mix of bright colours and pastel shades to work and having my nails black which gives the outfit a bit of an edge. 



 Where do you get inspiration for your daily outfits from?



21 May 2012

Guest Post - MrsBeBe ~ Everyday Vintage

When the beautiful Mrs UB asked me to a guest blog I was so excited, I think we found a common ground through our love of vintage and although I wouldn’t consider myself a full on retro babe, I do like to try and incorporate a bit of vintage styling into my everyday wardrobe and my home.
So, to that end, I thought it might nice to give you a few hints and tips on how to incorporate a bit of vintage into your life too (should you wish to that is!)

Hair – When styling your hair, a cute flower in your or head scarf can give your day to day look a retro feel

Wardrobe – Stripes, cropped cardigans and a little turn up on ones jeans can instantly give you a rockabilly feel. I tend to flit between time periods myself, yes I’m what you might call a vintage ho.... so also keep an eye out for original vintage pieces you can style with your high street pieces. A vintage style jacket like these ones available from Devoted 2 Vintage add an instant vintage feel to any outfit and would look great with some skinny jeans.

The highstreet is also awash with items that can be vintage up, Just lasy week I picked up this leopard print dress from ASOS which I wore to a evening of Burlesque.

In terms of footwear, I just don’t think you can go wrong with Miss L Fire
they have some of the most amazing retro-inspired footwear I’ve ever seen, the quality is amazing and the styling is impeccable. Some of my favourites this season are.
                                                  Sonny - £8.99

 Home Sweet Home - £89.99

Nautilus -£54.99
So there you have it, my little foray into everyday vintage. I’ve only really scratched the surface but below are some links to some of my favourite vintage and retro repro companies for your viewing pleasure.


16 May 2012

Review ~ Dr Nick Lowe - Purifying Foam Cleanser

Hi everyone, how's your week been? we're now headed over the hump of the week and cruising to the weekend, so it can only get better in my book! Sorry there is no 'Wantsie Wednesday' this week, as holiday is looming so I am on total shopping lockdown.
Now to the matter in hand.....It seems that stopping using Vichey NormaDerm Gel and starting using only Dove soap caused havoc with my skin. I awoke one day a few weeks ago to a strange little cluster of spots on my forehead? I have never had anything like it before, so in my vanity I was a little bit panicked!

Off I ran trotted to Boots in need of a fix, I couldn't wait for on-line orders, it was an emergency folks!
After browsing the numerous skincare products I came across Dr Nick Lowe, now this is not a brand I have heard or seen before? The key thing I remember reading from various blogs and beauty reviews was a important ingredient is 'Salicylic Acid', this was featured high on the listed ingredients for the Purifying Foam Cleanser. Faced with my usual indecisiveness and no 3G to google the brand, I called my friend Jools, to see if she had heard of this dude? As quick as lightening after hanging up the phone... I don't exaggerate here, I had a text saying he was indeed a Dr, not some branded phony and a well regarded Dermatologist at that.

Using it for the first time it felt a bit strange, it's a foam product that is not all that thick. Once on my face it didn't lather and I didn't really feel clean.
Looking at the reviews on Boots website the lack of feeling clean is shared by others but they all go on to say it's still great product that helps to maintain / clear up blemished skin.

Five weeks in and I wholeheartily agree with the reviews, so far (touch wood) I have not had any breakouts, my skin feels healthier and has even reduced the appearance of the small blocked pores I have on my T-Zone. Even better this product is great value at only £10.16 at Boots  As I'm so pleased with this I will try more products in the Dr Nick Lowe range.
I have combined the use of this foam with a flannel (or face cloth for my friends across the pond) on the advise of Beauty Mouth and her promotion of the virtues of using said item, rather than cotton wool or face wipes.
Read the article HERE and change the way you cleanse your skin!
Thanks for reading

Urban Butterfly x


11 May 2012

Hand Harness - Yay or Nay?

I can see that the trend for hand hardness' as they call them could very be a fleeting phase, but I think they are quite fun and like the Indian connotation.

When I first spotted them I wasn't too sure, If I was going to wear one it would have to be as feminine as possible. They don't really fit in with my normal look that leans very much toward vintage / tailored wear,  so I am never going to rock ones with skulls or that are super chunky. 

However, I saw this one online at ASOS.com and thought it was sweet.

What do you think of them?

Urban Butterfly x

9 May 2012

Wantsie Wednesday

It's that time of week again for my purse to scream noooooooooo! It really is a no at the moment too as we are soon off on our jolly holidays, so frivolous spending is banned!

Topshop Native Cupped Sun Dress £36.00

Urban Butterfly x

7 May 2012

Girls Day Out

How was your Bank holiday weekend? Was the weather wet like it was here in the South of England?
Unusually todays post doesn't contain clothes or makeup, but please don't run...... I thought it would be nice to show you what I did with my Bank Holiday Monday. :)

The girls and I took a little road trip to Leeds Castle in Kent. This historical medieval castle is said to date back to 1119 and is set in a mass of beautiful grounds and once a home to Catherine of Aragon; my favourte wife of Henry VIII.

View from the Gardens
They have Peacocks wandering around the grounds, now Peacocks are my favourite animals, I just find them magnicificant. I don't think I have shared this before but I have a passion for history, there's a clue in my love for all things vintage, so I'm sure this is no shock to you! Along with the peacocks and the great company I was in my element!

On the 1st May the castle started a exhibition called 'What the Butler Saw' It's a look at the life below stairs during Lady Baillie's ownership 1930's Leeds Castle was a playground for the rich and famous, Lady Baillie an Anglo-American heiress entertained high society and hollywood actors in the castle that was her weekend and holiday home. At the time there were over 30 servants in the house who met the needs of the visitors, so they sure saw some sights! Part of the exhibition was Lady Baillie's clothes and her beautiful art deco built in wardrobe and bathroom. I met this little baby squirrel on my way out, It wasn't fased by me getting so close. I have never seen a baby squirrel before!
Mr Nutkins (Taken with Instragram)

The dining room

The to die for library

Middle Courtyard
Taken with Instagram

Urban Butterfly x


3 May 2012

A date with Dita

Now what do you wear to meet a goddess......

This was the very question my brain wrestled with, I even had a little melt down calling on my style soul mate Jools to virtually slap me and tell me to get a grip! A service she doesn't offer to everyone ; )

As you all know, as I've been incessantly banging on about it, this week I met Dita Von Teese; Just humour me please, I will shut up soon, I'm still in a star stuck haze of elation. Only a few weeks ago I even wrote a life wish list and meeting her was at the top end of it, I never knew she was set to be in London!

So here's is what I wore –  

Seamed Tights - Primark
Shoes - NEXT
Hair Flowers - H&M

I have been trying to perfect my victory rolls, this is my 3rd attempt and they are getting better.

I think Dita out did me though.............

If you missed all th pictures from Tuesday perfume launch at Liberty you can see them HERE

Urban Butterfly x

1 May 2012

When Urban Butterfly Met Dita Von Teese

My fingers can hardly type this as I'm still in such a state of euphoria! 
Dita Von Teese has always been my style icon and meeting her has always been a dream of mine. I though it would never come true, until Liberty announced that Dita Von Teese would be in store to launch her debut fragrance simply named 'Dita'

Now this glorious wind, rain and all seasonal weather was never going to deter my visit. So up I get at up at 6.30am this morning (a girl needs to look her best for such a star) collected Lala and off to the big smoke we went!

We arrived just at the right time before the queue started to tail around Liberty and staked out until it was time for Dita to arrive.

Lala and I excited in the queue

Oh and how she did in style, but really would we expect any less! Arriving in a vintage Rolls Royce and assisted out with such elegance.
Now it was far from warm today in London, the drizzle and grey cloud just wouldn't sod off, yet Miss Teese never one to disappoint in the style stakes, arrived in a stunning teal floor length sleeveless gown, show casing her beautiful figure and ample curves!

Once inside Dita was seated in the fragrance hall adorned by four rather handsome men! Lala was very impressed with this touch ; ) I must admit my knees felt weak as I was so nervous, I was hoping that I didn't do a little wee ; )
Look at the expression on my face, I was that nervous I couldn't smile properly, instead opting for a rather bemused glance of terror! This moment went in a flash! Totes star struck!!

 Showing that I can smile!

Lala Looking gorge

Here's the small handbag bottle that I purchased as it wasn't available to smell before you bought it. I love the little quote inside the box.

It's everything it says on the box with soft smell perfect for the day and night that oozes glamour and femininity. I am sure this will become a firm favourite in my perfume collection.

The quote inside -
Perfume sets the Mood..... and I am in the mood for glamour

The bottle

Promo Shot for launch

My signed autograph, that I will treasure FOREVER!

Right....I must now go and lay down, it's all been far too much excitement for one day! Tonight I will dream of Dita :)

Urban Butterfly x