18 Apr 2012

Wantsie Wednesday - 18/4

How's everyone's week been? I had a great weekend, we all went down to Brighton to support our two friends Nicola and Jenny who ran the Marathon. I was so immensely proud of them both for their achievement and the amount they both raised for the charity 'Mind' Well done ladies!

So here's this weeks lust list.
  Topshop Sequin Splodge Collar

Tara Starlet Hawaiian Sarong Dress

What do you have on your list at the moment?

Urban Butterfly x


  1. Oooh I've been lusting after those shoesies, want the blue ones!!

  2. I love those brogues too, would look amazing with the collar.

    I saw the Gok items in Sainsburys. I have this phobia about purchasing clothes where I purchase my food - it just doesn't seem right lol! I need to get over it as there are some great things to find (Clairey showed me the Cat print outfit in Asda too!!!)

  3. I really like those shoes, needing a new little pair for work, they'll do nicely!!


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