3 Apr 2012

Hey everyone, what happened to our spring sunshine? I was startng to enjoy some much needed sun. :( 

I am fairly lucky and have always had pretty good skin, fortunately I never suffered with acne as a teen, however in the last year I have noticed that my skin is less even in tone and more spot prone. I understand that many adults suffer with their skin and it's not something that is just hormonal teenagers have problems with.

I took the recommendation from a fellow beauty blogger who was using the Vichy Range and tried their Normaderm Cleansing Gel It's been part of my daily skin care routine along with Soap and Glory's Scrub Your Nose In'it for about a year now and I have seen an improvement. Before that I had tried the 'Garnier A' range, it was  just awful, I was plagued by spots  which then went on to scar my skin.

My friend Jodie has the most naturally beautiful skin, now I am sure this is a lot to do with good genes but she has never put a great deal of skin care products on her face. She swears by Dove soap and a bit of moisturiser. Keep it simple she says! So I am following her lead and have ditched the above products and swapped them for Dove soap and a facial brush.

Now I know lots of people say you shouldn't put soap on your skin but 3 weeks in, no breakouts and my skin isn't dry. So lets see how it goes! I will report back.
What is your fail safe skin care product?

Urban Butterfly x


  1. Sweetheart, please do me a HUGE favour? Step away from the Dove! There is nothing good in there.
    Please go over to Caroline Hiron's website, wwww.beautymouth.com she does a clinic on a Thursday and will be able to advise you much better what sort of cleanser would suit your skin.
    But this site will let you know what's in Dove and the actual effect of the ingredients. Really, nothing good for your skin in there!

    1. Hi, Thanks for the link and advice. I will be sure to check the site out x


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