26 Mar 2012

Life Wish List.....

I saw a post just like this on Little Pink Ponie's blog at the weekend and it got me thinking. Now we all make little 'life musts' lists in our head, I thought it would be nice to share mine with you.

1. Visit Puerto Rico and dance with the locals
2. Have our wedding blessed on our 10th anniversary (which isn't that far off)
3. Grow old with my husband and wonderful friends
4. Drive a rally car
5. Become more accomplished with my Lindy hop / swing dancing
6. Sky dive
7. Meet Dita Von Teese
8. Have a wardrobe built like in 'Heaven on 5th' in SATC the movie
9. Make my garden into a 'cottage style 'garden complete with fairy lights 
10. Be a mummy to a Miniature Schnauzer
11. Move to a cottage with a small holding in the country
12. Buy a Nissan Figaro
13. Have a holiday home in Bath
15. Own a camper van and travel around Europe with Mr UB
16. Become self employed
17. Start to Video Blog on YouTube
18. Learn to Surf
19. Go to a Yoga retreat in the mountains or in Sri Lanka
20. Own a Hermès Bag

What's on your list, or to you share any of my must do / dreams?

Urban Butterfly  X  


  1. I totally want the Hermes bag and the walk-in! I totally don't want to SkyDive heheheeee Its such a gorgeous idea for a blog.

    My wish list would be

    1 for my girls to both grow up and do something they completely love that makes them really happy
    2 To do Route 66 with PC or travel around Austrailia
    3 To Stay in New York, and go to the Serendipity Patisserie like in the movie!
    4. Ofcourse the Hermes Bag ..........
    5. To learn to run properly - I am seriously going to try and do this, as I must breathe all wrong - I'm always struggling but I am determined to break through ....!
    6. To have a pair of louboutins signed on the sole by The Monsieur!
    7. To keep feeling the way I do about PC for ever - I lucked out big time :)
    8. To have a supermarket sweep style shopping spree in Harrods!
    9. A second Cartier Love Bangle (in white gold)
    10. To own a roland mouret gown!

  2. I'm sure we can make at least half of them come true my little poppet!! Xx

    Mr UB...

    1. Does that include the puppy Si????????? We need answers :D

    2. Haha that is one thing that I'm afraid won't be happening off that list!!

  3. Oooh a yoga retreat! I've been going to a yoga class for 4 weeks now and they advertise one in the Italian mountains, ahhh how lovely would that be!?

  4. Loved this list! such a variety of things :) xxx

  5. I really enjoyed reading this :)
    I think I have a little list- ive never thought to write it down though. One is to own a quilted chanel bag....one can dream. hehe!

    Ive subbed :)

    1. I found it really easy to write, must mean I'm such a wantsie! Thanks for subscribing x


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