28 Mar 2012

Wantsie Wednesday

Hi Everyone! What another lovely sunny day again, long may it continue.

Welcome to my first Wantsie Wednesday's, where I show you what's on my must have list, not that I can always purchase them all.

How gorgeous is this dress from Oasis!


Miss Selfridge - £35.00

What's on your wish list?

Urban Butterfly x

26 Mar 2012

Life Wish List.....

I saw a post just like this on Little Pink Ponie's blog at the weekend and it got me thinking. Now we all make little 'life musts' lists in our head, I thought it would be nice to share mine with you.

1. Visit Puerto Rico and dance with the locals
2. Have our wedding blessed on our 10th anniversary (which isn't that far off)
3. Grow old with my husband and wonderful friends
4. Drive a rally car
5. Become more accomplished with my Lindy hop / swing dancing
6. Sky dive
7. Meet Dita Von Teese
8. Have a wardrobe built like in 'Heaven on 5th' in SATC the movie
9. Make my garden into a 'cottage style 'garden complete with fairy lights 
10. Be a mummy to a Miniature Schnauzer
11. Move to a cottage with a small holding in the country
12. Buy a Nissan Figaro
13. Have a holiday home in Bath
15. Own a camper van and travel around Europe with Mr UB
16. Become self employed
17. Start to Video Blog on YouTube
18. Learn to Surf
19. Go to a Yoga retreat in the mountains or in Sri Lanka
20. Own a Herm├Ęs Bag

What's on your list, or to you share any of my must do / dreams?

Urban Butterfly  X  

25 Mar 2012

Guest Blogging - Muffun Top Vintage

Happy Sunday!

Hope that you have been enjoying the first of the spring sunshine this week?

Enjoying the spring sunshine on my face
Did you notice the hours sleep we lost, grrrr!  But hey least we have lighter mornings and a more hours of daylight to enjoy. Bring on summer time!
Anyway I will get to the point, I was asked by the lovely Katrine from Muffin Top Vintage to Guest Blog while she is a busy bee concentrating on her dissertation, hope that you enjoy it.

Why you still here? scoot............................ go read :)

Urban Butterfly x

22 Mar 2012

I Review - Mask of Magnaminty

On my way to the #Zomgblogger blogger bash I spotted a Lush store in the station, I made a hasty dash, all while frantically trying to remember the many recommendations that I have seen by beauty bloggers.
So in I go, looking at the names in hope that something comes back to me... no, my dreadful memory fails me once again!

Being my usual chatterbox I start jabbering to the sales assistant and was recommended Mask of Magnaminty.

I was promised by the sales assistant that this wouldn't cause my skin to break out into an ogre faced cretin, being somewhat sceptical that any new face products will bring all the nasties to the surface and let's face it (sorry dreadful pun) there is never a good time for a break out is there! So I decided to leave starting a trial on this product until I had a few weeks with less social engagements.

I have used this product once to twice a week for about 3 weeks now, I am so happy with it! The sales assistant didn't fib, I didn't break out in spots, my skin feels lovely and soft and I have seen a slight improvement in it's over all appearance and condition.

Warning, it does make you look like Princess Fiona when you use the mask!
When the mask is on there is a slight cooling feeling, this is not uncomfortable, it easily washes off and leaves no residue. The idea of the mask is to exfoliate, it can be used on the face, neck, back or if you really wanted anywhere on the body.
It's created for sensitive skin, it has peppermint oil in it designed to stimulate the blood and give a fresh feeling with the marigold oil and chlorophyllin to help treat the skin. The aduki beans are not coarse so won't cause any discomfort or small tears in the skin. In all I really like this product and sure it will continue to be a staple in my skin care routine for some time.

The ingredients -
Bentonite Gel, Kaolin, Honey, Talc, Ground Aduki Beans, Glycerine, Evening Primrose Oil, Peppermint Oil, African Marigold Oil, Vanilla Absolute, *Limonene, Perfume, Chlorophyllin, Methylparaben

Urban Butterfly x


15 Mar 2012

What I Wore - Girls On The Town

Saturday night saw us ladies all get together for a much overdue boogie. Now as we've all got older and our lives have taken us in different directions, it's difficult to get out for girly night.

There was much drinking and dancing, I laughed so much my face hurt! There is no better time spent than with your best friends!

Apologies about the yucky toilet backdrop, the bar we were at was candle lit and a bit too dark for outfit pictures, so you get to see the far from wonderful loos, you lucky devils!

Dress ~ ASOS
Shoes ~ Next


Urban Butterfly x