28 Feb 2012

What I Wore - Catching the fading sun

I am so glad the nights are getting a little lighter, the chill has lifted from the air and it seems spring has arrived.
I just never have enough time in the mornings to take pictures of what I am wearing, any extra minutes I can grab in bed I take. I really don't know how some bloggers do it? 
My tripod went miraculously missing so Mr UB is my glamorous assistant at the moment, so I can only take pictures when he is around to help.

These pictures were taken outside the beautiful 16th century church next to our house, catching the very last of what was a glorous spring day. I have lived here for many years, yet I still look at it everyday and delight in it's grandeur.  

Makeup worn see here

Dress - Love Lable at Very.com
Belt - River Island
Brogues - Primark



  1. You look Gorgeous. Simon is a most effective Tripod too :)!!!

  2. a gorgeous outfit!
    I'd like to follow you, and wanted to know if you also have bloglovin? I couldn't find the bloglovin button anywhere on your blog! Please let me know!

    xxx Anita

    1. Hi Anita, You can get updates at the moment by email if you subscribe by email, but i should really put Bloglovin on my site, thanks x

  3. You are very beautiful! So jealous of your hair!!

  4. This outfit is cute, looks fab on you. Looking good ;)

  5. I really love what you're wearing. It's so perfect for the weather we've been having.

    Sarah Betty xx

  6. Love the dress and your hair looks awesome, makes me want to go shorter :) xxx

  7. This dress looks awesome, it totall suits you! And your hair is lovely :-) xx


  8. What is your hair colour please? It's exactly what I want! Thanks


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