3 Feb 2012

My Messy Secret

I have something to tell you..... I'm a wardrobe slob, there, I have said it.....and breath, I feel a bit better for getting that out in the open. This is the only space in my house that looks like a small explosion. I like to think it's not really my fault, what does one do in the small space given? The truth though is this is not all of it. I have a chest of draws in our bedroom, stashes under the bed and a small chest behind where I'm standing in this picture.

I have tried to be tough and get rid of stuff, I donated a sizable bag to charity before Christmas and some items never worn to a friend. In my defence I do tend to wear most of it!
I really love and admire you ladies that look effortlessly chic, not always in the same clothes yet don't seem to have the overspill that I'm living with.

In an ideal situation, If I had some spare cash or a willing handyman I would have the whole back wall made into fitted wardrobes with sliding doors, or move to a place like 'Heaven on 5th' as featured in The Sex and the City movie.

So come on, what's the secret to tidy, well organised wardrobes that are not crying out in defeat and about to buckle with sheer weight? Do I just have magpie disorder and a hoarder, or are there people that too have a messy secret that they are keeping hidden?



  1. Heeheeee I KNEW IT !!!!!!

    I for one are relieved that you are human baby! You cannot be perfect at everything, and you have all other bases covered!

    on the plus side, at least you can kinda see everything teheheheee ;)

  2. I too am a clutter magpie! I have LOADS of clothes in my wardrobe. I thought I had a lot of clothes in the first place. I then threw a load out. I moved into a flat with my sister thinking that having all this space, i would easily have a home for everything. Oh how I was wrong! The fact I have a whole flat to play with has caused my home to look as though a tornado has struck. No matter how hard I try I till have clothes eveywhere! Because of this, I have put myself on a ban from buying clothes until I massively reduce my clutter. You are not alone my friend.

  3. Implement a 'one in, one out' policy :) And if you haven't worn something in a year or so, seasons notwithstanding, get rid of it except for extra special items. Harsh, but effective.

  4. I am a wardrobe slob as well. MASSIVE hoarder! Constantly not wanting to let go any of my precious things. And sometimes when it gets really bad I have to shut my wardrobe dead quick in case all the clothes fall on me and drown me like some waterfall! I need a BUILT IN WARDROBE = PROBLEM SOLVED!!

    Gemma x


  5. I am so bad at getting rid of clothes! I can aways find excuses to keep them, it's awful. Mine really needs a cull...

  6. This is me too!!!! and both my sisters. I'm a nightmare and it drives my husband mad. I recently bought a load of hooks from IKEA and drilled them in a straight line like a locker/changing room to hang stuff that I would normally throw on the floor. It's kind of working.

    I had a housemate once who was so amazing! Everything was hung beautifully on matching hangers with appropriate shoes beneath outfits. It was nicer than a lot of shops! Wish I'd learnt her secret!

  7. I am the same really !! I am trying to change actually and am finding that boxes are very handy. I have a box full of hats one of scarves and then I push all my coats to the back of my wardrobe and have all of my dresses closer to hand ! x

  8. Oh Maria, the times we've tried to help you sort out the wardrobe situation! haha. Sometimes you just got to got with it, it's a part of you, embrace the mess.....apart from when you end up bringing odd shoes on holiday's ; ) x

    1. Lol, that really made me chuckle. I felt a right plonker that I had odd shoes, luckly I had back-ups! See it pays not to travel light!


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