26 Feb 2012

Face Of The Day ~ Wild Spirit

I have become a bit lazy with my eye makeup of late, always reaching for my much loved black eyeliner. 

The beautiful sunshine today gave me the inspiration to wear some colour and this is what I chose. I've had this BareMinerals kit in 'Wild Spirit' for a while and haven't used it since a bridal booking last year.

This kit came with a lip gloss that I haven't really used and a blush in 'Vintage Peach' with is now in their core range. I love the blush it's great for the day time and really suits my paler complexion. In the kit there are two eyeshadows, 'Metallic Lavender' and 'Plush Purple' There is also an eyeliner in a rich velvety purple called 'Smoky Sequins'  which can can wet down to become more vibrant.



  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, I am really not sure what have been doing but have had so many comments on my hair lately?

  2. Such a pretty colour on your eyes. Loving it doll face ;)

  3. Oh gosh, you look lovely! I wish I was good at putting makeup on!x

    1. Thanks :) I should be as I'm a freelance makeup artist ; )

  4. Your eye makeup is flawless. This look is perfect for you.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  5. You are so adorable - like a porcelain doll. :) I always love a little bit of purple on eyes - makes them stand out. X


  6. From a mans point of view I feel a lot of ladies should take note of how well blended your make up is! Well done x (SRC)

  7. I agree with you SRC! Good man x


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