28 Feb 2012

What I Wore - Catching the fading sun

I am so glad the nights are getting a little lighter, the chill has lifted from the air and it seems spring has arrived.
I just never have enough time in the mornings to take pictures of what I am wearing, any extra minutes I can grab in bed I take. I really don't know how some bloggers do it? 
My tripod went miraculously missing so Mr UB is my glamorous assistant at the moment, so I can only take pictures when he is around to help.

These pictures were taken outside the beautiful 16th century church next to our house, catching the very last of what was a glorous spring day. I have lived here for many years, yet I still look at it everyday and delight in it's grandeur.  

Makeup worn see here

Dress - Love Lable at Very.com
Belt - River Island
Brogues - Primark


26 Feb 2012

Face Of The Day ~ Wild Spirit

I have become a bit lazy with my eye makeup of late, always reaching for my much loved black eyeliner. 

The beautiful sunshine today gave me the inspiration to wear some colour and this is what I chose. I've had this BareMinerals kit in 'Wild Spirit' for a while and haven't used it since a bridal booking last year.

This kit came with a lip gloss that I haven't really used and a blush in 'Vintage Peach' with is now in their core range. I love the blush it's great for the day time and really suits my paler complexion. In the kit there are two eyeshadows, 'Metallic Lavender' and 'Plush Purple' There is also an eyeliner in a rich velvety purple called 'Smoky Sequins'  which can can wet down to become more vibrant.


24 Feb 2012

What I Wore - Spring has spung?

Here in the South East we have had a few beautiful spring like days, It really lifts the soul. I took the chance to ditch the jumpers and wear no sleeves! I can hear my grandmothers voice telling me off with her old saying "Don't cast a clout until May is out".

I wish you had Smell-O-Vision too, as the whole house smelt of Pizza, while these were being taken...... yummy!

Lipstick -MAC Chatterbox
Eye Shadow - Buck & Hustle from Urban Decay
Eyeliner - MAC Dipdown
Skirt - Miss Selfridge
TShirt - Topshop
Bangles - Unable to remember
Belt - NEXT


22 Feb 2012

What I wore today - Bookworm

Dress - ASOS
Shoes - New Look
Lipstick - Kate Moss for Rimmel No1
Lipgloss - 2True Plumptous
Book - Mr Darcy Takes a Wife by Linda Berdoll

What are you reading at the moment?


20 Feb 2012

What I Wore - Crossing The Border

Saturday night we were invited to dinner at our friends in Kent. So across the border we went into what they call the 'Garden of England' Aka Kent.  We had such a lovely time and fed incredibly well, I'm so glad the skirt I was wearing had some give in the waist!

Jumper - Topshop
Skirt - Topshop
Eyeliner - MUA Extreme Felt Liner
Blush - MAC Breath of Plum
Lipstick Barbara Daly - fuschia
Foundation - Rimmel Lasting finish Soft Beige


15 Feb 2012

I Review ~ Figs & Rouge Balm

I was kind enough to be sent this Balm from Figs and Rouge after I contacted them about their pretty little balm pots. 

I am a sucker for makeup as I'm sure you will know but with skincare I do like to keep it simple and not put a great deal of chemicals on my skin, so along with there vintage look tins and being 100% organic Figs and Rouge were ticking all the right boxes.
They market the balms for use on the face, hands, and body as they are petroleum free!

I received this gorgeous little tin in 'Rambling Rose' -

The balms are the softest I have ever seen, it has a firm consistency, is easily absorbed into the skin and didn't leave a sticky residue. The have some very nice individual smelling balms all focusing on different requirements such as 'Peppermint and Tea Tree' for soothing the skin as it contains antibacterial ingreadents. This is a product I would be happy to purchase and try more of their line.

Fancy winning a balm? This week to celebrate Valentines's day Figs and Rouge are giving away a Kissable Rambling Rose balm just like mine! All you have to do is add your Valentine's top tips for great looking lips on their Facebook page and they will pick their favourite. The winner will be announced Friday at 12pm.....Good Luck!


11 Feb 2012

TOWIB - What I Wore

Today I scooted off into London to the beautiful Montague On The Gardens Hotel for the 'The Only Way Is Blogging' or TOWIB as it's mostly referred to.

It was great to meet so many ladies that I have been virtually speaking to on Twitter or on my blog for some time and met lots of brand new bloggers. I enjoyed speaking to each one of you, do come and say howdy.

This is only the second time that I curled my hair since what must have been around 2007 as it's now finally at the stage where it has enough length to wrap around a barrel curler. I'm not quite sure if i like it yet, and today as always, when you are off out your hair never seems to behave!

This is what I wore ~

 Yes I'm sad and have a copy of Kate Middleton's ring, but I love it!

Cherry looking a bit grumpy that I had been out all day

Dress and Cardi ~ Topshop
Navy Tights ~ Primark
Shoes ~ Primark
K Mid copy ring ~ NEXT
Cat - The naughty cat-baby stork

For those of you who went to TOWIB, what did you wear if I didn't get chance to see you and did you enjoy the event?

3 Feb 2012

My Messy Secret

I have something to tell you..... I'm a wardrobe slob, there, I have said it.....and breath, I feel a bit better for getting that out in the open. This is the only space in my house that looks like a small explosion. I like to think it's not really my fault, what does one do in the small space given? The truth though is this is not all of it. I have a chest of draws in our bedroom, stashes under the bed and a small chest behind where I'm standing in this picture.

I have tried to be tough and get rid of stuff, I donated a sizable bag to charity before Christmas and some items never worn to a friend. In my defence I do tend to wear most of it!
I really love and admire you ladies that look effortlessly chic, not always in the same clothes yet don't seem to have the overspill that I'm living with.

In an ideal situation, If I had some spare cash or a willing handyman I would have the whole back wall made into fitted wardrobes with sliding doors, or move to a place like 'Heaven on 5th' as featured in The Sex and the City movie.

So come on, what's the secret to tidy, well organised wardrobes that are not crying out in defeat and about to buckle with sheer weight? Do I just have magpie disorder and a hoarder, or are there people that too have a messy secret that they are keeping hidden?