26 Jan 2012

Watch the Birdie

This week has been a strange ole week, I seemed to have got my 'January blue Monday' a week after what is reported to be the most miserable day of the year. However, the grumpiness didn't last that long. What really lifted my spirits was the flurry of packages that arrived from Tuesday, with two rather special deliveries! Call me materialistic...eek!

Sarah from Ditsy Bird Designs handmade me this cute little bird doodle ring. It's so unique! It has a adaptable ring on it, so perfect for my petite fingers.  
At the moment this ring isn't available as it was kindly made especially for me after I fell in love with a picture Sarah tweeted, there are other doodle designed items and charming one off creations to be had! Keep checking though as I'm sure they will come into stock soon.

Have you noticed my pictures are sharp and clear? Well the other special package was my late Christmas present from Mr UB. I am so spoilt! He bought be a Canon 400D DSLR. These pictures were taken on a auto macro setting as I'm still trying to plough my way through the wedge that is the instruction manual... I really have no idea how to use it yet, I'm a total SLR virgin.

If anyone can share any tips or tricks, they would be a great help.

Please note unless stated all items featured in my posts are paid for personally and not gifted items.


  1. oh your new ring is beautiful honey. Elli did her Art GCSE on a designer called Rob Ryan and his birds are JUST like this :) x

  2. I have a 'proper' camera but it is nowhere near as snazzy as yours, but it confused the heck out of me! Luckily I have a little sony point and click that can have a sharp image with a blurry background and such with a bit of tweaking the buttons!
    SO nice to get packages, when I am home i'll have a couple of late birthday bits I think (hope!)


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