9 Jan 2012

My January Wish List

I'm on the want again!

Here's the things that I have my beady eyes on this month. I'm using 'I could put that away and wear it on holiday' as an excuse.... Well we all need an excuse ; )

What's on your want list?

Helena Lace Collar by Jam - £10

MAC Russian Red - £13.50 (Currently still out of stock online)

Topshop Lotus Dress - £50

Tara Starlet Floral Sweetheart Dress - £85

Fox Bag by Temporary Secretary -£18

Urban Butterfly x


  1. Oh, that collar is so lovely! Can't believe it's only £10, too! Looks so nice! (ps, thank you for the mention! so kind of you!) xxxxx

  2. I love Russian Red. I managed to get it for Xmas. Glad I picked it up before Xmas! That collar is stunning. Little pieces like that are so functional xx

  3. i'm not sure I ever stopped wanting. I have a Tara Starlet, similar shape to that but the navy polka dot one, love that floral one though. I got a green leather satchel for Christmas :) x

  4. I love the Collar, that would work with sooo many things.

    My wish list is not too bad just now (honestly).

    I saw a gorgeous little pair of polka dot platforms on Very that had your name ALL over them ;)

  5. The lotus dress is drooooooolworthy!

  6. loving that lace collar! inspiring me to make one :) i've got loads of vintage lace. they look so great and transform an outfit. x
    check out...



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