23 Jan 2012

Lets face the music and dance....

For many years I've wanted to learn to Jitterbug and Lindy Hop but I could never find a class, even when I worked in London, I could have Salsa or ballroom danced until my heart was content, but never Lindyhop. Imagine my excitement when I found the company JiveSwing that runs classes throughout Hertfordshire and Essex.

Late last year I did some trial lessons and was so pleased that I could cope with the pace and steps, so I've now signed up for a whole term with the intention of continuing classes for some time. The goal for this year is to join in the social dancing at Twinwood Festival in August and be able to wow the crowds like this......

.... Ok, I'm dreaming, I'm never really going to be able to dance like that, but I can inspire to at least master a few more technical steps and routines once I have learnt the fundamentals.

If you live in Hertfordshire or Essex and you fancy coming along, I am sure there's a class near to you and everyone is really freindly and welcoming.

Find out more - http://www.jiveswing.com/.

Here's to happy jump and jiving.



  1. Yay, our girl is gonna be a dancer :) Looks such good fun! x

  2. I danced from 3-23, mainly ballet and jazz, but I did summer workshops, and one was run by my dance teachers daughter, who founded the jiving lindy hoppers, I think that was their name? anyway, it was great fun to learn!
    I went to a dance weekender thing last year too, which was run by the Ceroc people, which was awesome fun!


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