19 Jan 2012

Cranberry Kick

I've have been the same colour for a while now; a Mahogany brown which I've been having dyed professionally at a salon. When it's first dyed it starts out really dark with little red but after about 5 weeks fades a lot and leave my hair with more red than brown.  Red's seem to hold in my hair but then again my mum is a natural red head, so I have red pigments kindly passed down. 

Hair pre 'Cranberry Kick'

I much prefer the faded colour but I think it looks a bit translucent and not that bold and rich in colour so I have decided to try going back to just red. I have used Schwarzkopf XXL Live color before when I was plum and the colour held well. I used to cover everything and myself from head to toe in dye so the foam looks like a good idea for me. I chose the shade 'Cranberry Kick' as I didn't want the red too bright. 

It was so easy, just mix a liquid and a power in the cup and shakey....shakey 40 times and bingo... you have a foam!
It's not totally non drip as I still managed to drip it on my foot, but I am heavy handed and slap dash! My poor husband was armed with wet tissue, frantically wiping off the foam from my ears, face, neck all while getting quite agitated that there was red all over me.

Massage the foam in to your hair, leave for 30 minutes and BAM you have this-

I am really happy with the colour, Schwarzkopf is a brand that I trust and tend to stick with as I know what I am going to get.  The shade guide on the boxes are a very good guide to what the real outcome will be. It's a great product for only £5.99 and at the moment Superdrug have it on offer for £3.99 which I sadly found after I bought it in Boots!

Now I just have to find some extensions and a clip in ponytail to match this colour, any recommendations are greatly received.


  1. No idea where you would find matching extensions! sorry! However the colour is amazing! x

  2. Aw so nice! I lovee red hair. Mine was nightmare to get out (don't even know why I wanted it out?) So will probably be a while before I do that again!


  3. Ooh it looks lovely! Love it when you've had your hair coloured and it looks super glossy! Xx

  4. Looks pretty! Would love to see if without the photo effect on it...? To see the colour?

    1. There isn't much effect on this picture, tweeting you an un-edit picture but it's a little dull on pictures to it's true colour.

  5. I used the exact same dye, and had the exact same 'drippier than expected' moment - and had to get husband to save my foot/the bathroom floor. But the colour is great and it doesn't dry out my hair.

  6. The red looks gorgeous. The product is quite cheap considering how well it works and how adequately it covers all the hair xxx

  7. It looks lovely twinkle, nice splash of fresh colour to brighten up dull January days, perfect : ) x

  8. It looks lovely twinkle, nice splash of fresh colour to brighten up dull January days, perfect : ) x

  9. Yay, you are RED !!!!! :)
    Loving it. Elli wants to try this one too :)

  10. It looks gorgeous on you, but I'm glad I googled it because it's a little darker than what I'm looking for.

  11. It looks fab!!!! Got mine from the 99p store so cheap and chearfull :) but I am a bit nervous to try it as I am black and don't know how it will turn out to look like on my hair... For your extentions I would sugest you get some human ones and dye it yourself there could not be a better match.


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