31 Jan 2012


Last night I had the privilege of being invited by Rockalily Lipsticks and The London Lipgloss for the launch of their new fabby lipstick 'ZOMG'

Beauty bloggers were out in force to celebrate the new shade, network and generally have a jolly good time.
What a spoilt bunch we were too, not only could we ice cupcakes, play with the range of lipsticks from Roackalily, win a abundant of prizes, try on hats and wigs to our hearts content but the gorgeous Rubyyy Jones and Miss Banbury Cross showcased their Burlesque; to say I was jealous of Miss Banbury Cross jewel encrusted corset and bra is an understatement. As she was removing her outfit, I felt like running off with it, but that wouldn't be very sporting would it! It makes me want to go to Burlesque classes even more.

If you haven't heard of Rockalily Lipsticks you must get yourself over to ReeRee's website and take a look. It was a great chance to swatch the colours which are such good quality and well pigmented. The colour's that are shown on the website are true to life. I can foresee that I will end up owning the whole collection!

Rubyyy Jones' Performance

Miss Banbury Cross' performance

 Miss Banbury Cross' diamante encrusted corset (picture courtesy of Jasmine from  the beauty blog with no name )

Jasmine with her winnings
It was so refreshing to be in such a energised and empowering atmosphere, where it truly felt like the ladies were there to support one another. Everyone was so kind, with new and old pro bloggers happily mixing, I ran into bloggers that I have been talking to on Twitter for what seems like an age and met lots of new people that I can now follow, it was a pleasure to meet so many of you.  
I left feeling most upbeat, with a new vigour for blogging which is much needed in these bleak cold January days. (I promise it was not all the alcohol consumed)

Helen from www.sparklzandshine.com rocking a red wig

Jasmine from the beauty blog with no name fancied going purple!

Thank you to the wonderful ReeRee Rockette, who looked as stunning as ever for all her hard work, it was an honour to be invited and great to meet you at last.

ReeRee with a kissy canvas, my lips are on there somewhere!


29 Jan 2012

Happy Harlequin

Now It's very rare that I buy an outfit in it's entirety as it's seen in store or online but when I saw this vibrant retro shirt and purple trousers from the Diana Vickers range I loved them and I thought it was silly not to get them both.


26 Jan 2012

Watch the Birdie

This week has been a strange ole week, I seemed to have got my 'January blue Monday' a week after what is reported to be the most miserable day of the year. However, the grumpiness didn't last that long. What really lifted my spirits was the flurry of packages that arrived from Tuesday, with two rather special deliveries! Call me materialistic...eek!

Sarah from Ditsy Bird Designs handmade me this cute little bird doodle ring. It's so unique! It has a adaptable ring on it, so perfect for my petite fingers.  
At the moment this ring isn't available as it was kindly made especially for me after I fell in love with a picture Sarah tweeted, there are other doodle designed items and charming one off creations to be had! Keep checking though as I'm sure they will come into stock soon.

Have you noticed my pictures are sharp and clear? Well the other special package was my late Christmas present from Mr UB. I am so spoilt! He bought be a Canon 400D DSLR. These pictures were taken on a auto macro setting as I'm still trying to plough my way through the wedge that is the instruction manual... I really have no idea how to use it yet, I'm a total SLR virgin.

If anyone can share any tips or tricks, they would be a great help.

Please note unless stated all items featured in my posts are paid for personally and not gifted items.

23 Jan 2012

Lets face the music and dance....

For many years I've wanted to learn to Jitterbug and Lindy Hop but I could never find a class, even when I worked in London, I could have Salsa or ballroom danced until my heart was content, but never Lindyhop. Imagine my excitement when I found the company JiveSwing that runs classes throughout Hertfordshire and Essex.

Late last year I did some trial lessons and was so pleased that I could cope with the pace and steps, so I've now signed up for a whole term with the intention of continuing classes for some time. The goal for this year is to join in the social dancing at Twinwood Festival in August and be able to wow the crowds like this......

.... Ok, I'm dreaming, I'm never really going to be able to dance like that, but I can inspire to at least master a few more technical steps and routines once I have learnt the fundamentals.

If you live in Hertfordshire or Essex and you fancy coming along, I am sure there's a class near to you and everyone is really freindly and welcoming.

Find out more - http://www.jiveswing.com/.

Here's to happy jump and jiving.


19 Jan 2012

Cranberry Kick

I've have been the same colour for a while now; a Mahogany brown which I've been having dyed professionally at a salon. When it's first dyed it starts out really dark with little red but after about 5 weeks fades a lot and leave my hair with more red than brown.  Red's seem to hold in my hair but then again my mum is a natural red head, so I have red pigments kindly passed down. 

Hair pre 'Cranberry Kick'

I much prefer the faded colour but I think it looks a bit translucent and not that bold and rich in colour so I have decided to try going back to just red. I have used Schwarzkopf XXL Live color before when I was plum and the colour held well. I used to cover everything and myself from head to toe in dye so the foam looks like a good idea for me. I chose the shade 'Cranberry Kick' as I didn't want the red too bright. 

It was so easy, just mix a liquid and a power in the cup and shakey....shakey 40 times and bingo... you have a foam!
It's not totally non drip as I still managed to drip it on my foot, but I am heavy handed and slap dash! My poor husband was armed with wet tissue, frantically wiping off the foam from my ears, face, neck all while getting quite agitated that there was red all over me.

Massage the foam in to your hair, leave for 30 minutes and BAM you have this-

I am really happy with the colour, Schwarzkopf is a brand that I trust and tend to stick with as I know what I am going to get.  The shade guide on the boxes are a very good guide to what the real outcome will be. It's a great product for only £5.99 and at the moment Superdrug have it on offer for £3.99 which I sadly found after I bought it in Boots!

Now I just have to find some extensions and a clip in ponytail to match this colour, any recommendations are greatly received.

9 Jan 2012

My January Wish List

I'm on the want again!

Here's the things that I have my beady eyes on this month. I'm using 'I could put that away and wear it on holiday' as an excuse.... Well we all need an excuse ; )

What's on your want list?

Helena Lace Collar by Jam - £10

MAC Russian Red - £13.50 (Currently still out of stock online)

Topshop Lotus Dress - £50

Tara Starlet Floral Sweetheart Dress - £85

Fox Bag by Temporary Secretary -£18

Urban Butterfly x

1 Jan 2012

Old lang syne

Happy New Year everyone, did you have a nice evening what did you do?

My husband, our friends and I all went out to a club about 20 minutes from home. I'm not normally one to go out on New Years Eve but it was my besties 30th birthday so no way were we not celebrating. Tickets to the night were fancy dress so as soon as I found out I just knew that I had to be Minnie Mouse!
There was a £50 prize for the best dresses and our birthday girl won it!


Lipstick - Katie Moss for Rimmel shade No1
Glitter Eyeliner used all over eyelid - Collection 2000 Glam Crystals Dazzing Gel Liner

Husband and I. Can you find Wally?

The Birthday girl and her winnings

Urban Butterfly x