12 Dec 2011

Neighbourly Love - What I wore

After returning home from our girls night out where I stayed in London, slightly worse for wear after one too many Rum and Cokes, a 4am bedtime and back up at 9.30am; I had to pull myself together and get ready for a Christmas gathering at a neighbours home.

I very rarely wear jeans but they were just such an easy option. I did pin some hair extensions in too as my hair was a tad scruffy.

Cardigan - Primark
Jeans - NEXT
Blouse - Primark



  1. Cute! Love the cardi, I love Christmassy jumpers and cardis! I just look a mess when I'm hungover...


  2. aww my gorgeous friend. You look stunning in Jeans. 2012 means you have to wear them more ok!!! And I have seen the perfect little top to go with them ;)

    You are gorgeous :) xxxx

  3. Ah so jealous of your figure! These jeans look amaze on you! The whole outfit is gorgeous. I want!x


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