30 Dec 2011

December in pictures

Here's a round up  of December in pictures, there has been quite a few festivities that haven't been recorded as sadly I have either been too drunk or rushed to take any pictures. 

I want to wish you all a very happy New Year and may your 2012 be filled with love, good health and lots of laughter.

Love this picture taken from Vogue Magazine of New York City Library one of my favourite places in NY

Trying on a little blue Play Suit In River Island, sadly never bought it as it was too big ~ Sparkly Christmas nails, they are now all my own as I grew the tips out and just had them coated for strength.

Cherry playing Hide n seek ~ Trying to get my hair a little redder 

Late night snack, anyone else can't stand beans touching the other food on their plate?

Champagne with the girls

This print was sent to me by my dear friend that moved back to Australia and since she has been back has been painting and even had her own show! I was touched that she sent me this as I love Peacocks, I can't wait to have it framed.

  Mr Augustus Tibbs in his new bed.

My brother in laws Dog 'Joey' relaxing on Christmas day

I have been growning my hair since March, this is how short it was!
  Urban Butterfly x


  1. Looks like a fun December and here is hoping for a great 2012 for you x

  2. Love it! Your bunny is adorable in his wee bed!



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