19 Dec 2011

Camden Calling

Dress - Dressup at Topshop
Bag - Primark
Shoeboots - primark
Tights - Asos
Leather Jacket - Ebay

Saturday night friends and all took ourselves off to stay with a friend that lives in South London in honour of Girls Christmas drinks, our destination... Camden.
We are all such a bunch of dancers so our first stop was The Cuban, for a boogie, It was great fun, with a nice friendly crowd, I'm pleased to see my couples dancing has improved since I've been going to dance class. We then went onto Proud where the hard core dancing and rum drinking began. Thankfully these pictures were taken before the messy stage!

Wishing you all a very happy Christmas

Urban Butterfly x


  1. Ah I love Camden! You look very pretty! xx

  2. love PROUD. hope you had a great night, you looked fantastic anyway! that dress is the most festive dress yet!

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  4. You look beautiful, I absolutely love that dress and the fact that you chose to wear leopard print rights with it! X

  5. Ah pretty's, what great photography...you must have had a pro do those pics hehe ; ) x

  6. The dress is stunning! It looks gorgeous on you! And I really like the leopard print tights. Hope you had a great night!




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