23 Nov 2011

MUA Eyeliner Review

Whilst browsing the selves in Superdrug, I came across a few new items that I hadn't seen before in MUA's range. One of the finds were their Extreme Felt Eyeliner.

I do love a felt liner, I wear it every day so go through them quickly and as per my review for Lauren Loves Blog I have a fair few! 
This liner is the image of Collection 2000's felt tip liner, but I found the colour to be slightly more intense and it's cheaper, MUA version was only £2! To make it even better Superdrug had a 3 for 2 offer on and you get your beauty card points too, what a bargain!

The nib is firm, yet not too stiff to achieve a nice strong fluid line, great if you wish to create a winged affect. It doesn't shift all day, (I'm an eye rubber) yet super easy to remove. The below pictures were taken after a day at work.
MUA products seem to be going from strength to strength, they are becoming a firm favourite of mine to rival some of my MAC items, but at a tenth of the price I can easily invest more for my kit.



  1. ooh Im gonna try those next babe, like you I have such an obsession with the perfect liner.

    your flicks look amazing, do you hold your eye out tighter when you put it on and then flick upwards hon, all tips are good (there was a fab one on youtube that involved scotch tape, but life is abit too short for that!!!!

  2. Please teach me how to draw such a nice line!!! X


  3. I do hold my eye a little bit but it's not ideal for your skin. I have only used tape once but when I was using bold eyeshadow. Tape's good for an Arabic eye effect.

    Lala, I would be happy to help you x


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