12 Oct 2011

Saying Goodbye To My 20's

On Saturday I celebrate my 30th birthday, I took a moment to think about all the wonderful things I have done in the last ten years and thought I'd share some of them with you.

Hen Night 
The girls booked Dublin as a surprise, it was one crazy, fantastic weekend

Our Wedding

We went to Margarita Island and mainland Venezuela to stay on the Orinoco river for a few days, we caught Piranha only using a stick! We even slept in little huts on a mud bank on the river. It's the hottest and most humid place we have ever been to date.
Jungle at dusk, on the river Island
 Holiday to Mombasa, Kenya and Safari  

At one of the lodges above a watering hole

Learning to Snowboard

New York
Lisa and I had five days of bliss, just the two of us in New York

Drinks at the Plaza hotel
Being geeks at a New York Knicks game

Carrie Bradshaw's steps on the SATC tour
Dusk over Central Park
From 'Top of the Rock'

Glastonbury 2008 / 09
One of most favourite places, was very upset that I didn't go this year!

At the front for Kate Nash, I do love her so

Raving in a field

Front stage for Paloma Faith, that lady rocks - 2010

Just chillin watching a band...
Meeting my litery idol Philippa Gregory
Pictured here with my friend Jodie, we attended a talk about her research into her latest novel. She is a true inspiration

Adopting our Cat Babies

There has been many great moments in between these above, but some I can't locate the pictures for and this would have been an even bigger picture fest,  
such as swimming with dolphins, remote island getaways, being bridesmaids at weddings and arrival of bouncing babies of dear friends. I have met some fabulous people along the way, that I couldn't now live without, I've developed my passion for all that is vintage and fashion and become a freelance makeup artist.

However thought-out these last ten years the has been one constant person by my side, apart from beloved friends, that's my long suffering husband, he puts up with my constant flighty and excitable nature without even battering an eyelid. Without him none of the above would have been possible as he is always encouraging me to fulfil my dreams, supports my crazy plans and keeps me in line when required.

I wonder what the next ten years hold?

A little Butterfly in the making

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  1. Haha and it's been a pleasure being by your side my pretty little butterfly!! Love you! Xx


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