18 Oct 2011

My 30th Birthday

It was my big 3 0 on Saturday and I had a birthday party to celebrate. I was so chuffed that so many of my friends who are scattered all over the place all came together.

I had a retro sweet table with little tear off mix-up bags and cake pops which seemed to phase some people as they were unsure what they were, but they went down a storm.

I wore a Tara Starlet prom dress -

With my Sister-in-Law

All my ladies


  1. Aww lovely :D your dress really suits you! I tried to log in but it won't let me so I am being anonymous...


  2. I love your dress! No way do you look old enough to be 30 though! xxx

  3. awww and hard to believe but she looked even more beautiful in the flesh!!! Gorgeous girl xx

  4. Gorgeous darling. What a proud hubby you must have xx

  5. Happy Bday!!! Looks like you had a wonderful celebration and you've looked amazing! Loving the dress!

    P.S. My glasses are from Poland, I've paid for the full-package around £40. It's Ray-Bans fake. ;) X


  6. Looks like a wonderful party. I turned 30 a couple weeks back too and had a big celebration, has to done doesn't it?

  7. that dress looks like it was made for you!


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