8 Oct 2011

I must be the last...

I think I must be one of the last beauty / fashion bloggers to buy the Urban Decay Naked Palette I used it on a bridal booking before I tried it on myself and I was so pleased at the good pigmentation of the colours and the way they blended.

I used it on a bride before I tried it on myself and I was so pleased at the good pigmentation and the way they blended both with other colours in the set and different brand eyeshadows.

The palette came with a trial size bottle of Primer Potion which is a bonus as I wanted to also try it after reading so many great reviews. I automatically thought the brush would be naff but to great surprise it was a great little tool of good quality.  

So far I really like colours 'Virgin' and 'Darkhorse'

Do you have this palette, what's your favourite combination?


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  1. It seems that everyone has it except me! ;) X



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