8 Sep 2011

We're in the army now.....

Here's another Twinwood Festival outfit that I wore with my friends on the Sunday. Though far from authentic but still of 1940's design, we had a great time being in uniform, hence so many pictures...whoops 

With some fellow servicemen

This little lady that we had the pleasure to meet also deserves a mention. Meet 'Moose' the gorgeous skunk who I were lucky enough to hold and fall in love with. I know what you're thinking, phwoar smelly..... but no she wasn't! She was lovely, soft and beautifully behaved!

Holding Moose



  1. I love these piccies. You do realise that only you could make a skunk look cute.

    The sepia tones and the black and white pics are amazing :)

  2. You all looked great in those uniforms :) great pictures!
    I never saw the skunk there though lol

  3. Moose is on facebook :o)


  4. Great pics


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