31 Aug 2011

Twinwood Vintage Festival 2011

After the disappointing news that Vintage would not be held at Goodwood this year and would relocate to London's Embankment meaning that camping wasn't an option I set about looking for an alternative vintage event. I stumbled upon rave reviews for Twinwoods, a festival that focuses on the 1940's and 50's, which was perfect as I adore all that is 1940's. 
This year Twinwood festival that's held in Bedfordshire were set to celebrate their 10th anniversary and I am pleased to say it was everything we hoped for and more.

We arrived on the back of a heavy downpour but the gods must have been smiling on us as they gave us a welcome break from the rain giving us time to put up our tent and gazebo. We had 2 pitches which we didn't use half of as they were very generous with the space.

The Party Gazebo
 We set up camp next to seasoned vintage campers who's pitches were complete with a gingham covered picnic table, a vase of sunflowers, bunting and a wind up record player which was great have in the background whilst we sat under the gazebo sipping red wine.

The Campsite was excellent with clean, hot showers, flush toilets and even a hut that had hairdryers. The programme of what you could enjoy was plentiful, there was various dance lessons, lectures, bands, burlesque and vintage stalls galore. We joined in with the beginners Lindy Hop classes, so now I can bust a few moves!

In the evening there was the marquee that was buzzing with dancers and live bands, the Open Mic club, Casablanca that hosted the likes of the fabulous Kitten Von Mew and other live acts,The Hanger and the Tin Hat Club, so we weren't short of things to do!  

Our over experience of Twinwoods was amazing to say the least. We met some of the most friendliest people that looked fabulous and were keen to talk to us, I had true wardrobe envy! The staff and security team were kind and keen to help even though they were stood out in all weathers. The athomsphere of the festival was a breath of fresh air.

Watch out Twinwood Fest 2012 we will be back!

Here's are some pictures of the fabulous people I met and what they wore. You all looked beautiful!

We spend quite a lot of time with this beautiful couple in the evenings they taught us some dance steps.

These ladies share a few jagermeister's with us

Are you in these photo's? Come and say hello :)

I will post up what I wore later this week.


  1. Hi :) you took a picture of my boyfriend and i (he has a stripey shirt on and me a brown skirt). It was nice to meet you. We were Twinwood first-timers and loved it :D

  2. It was lovely to meet you too. You looked beautiful everyday, you have some awesome dresses! Where do you buy your items? Do you want me to send you copy of the picture? Glad you loved it, we very eager to book 2012 tickets.

  3. Thanks :) Most of my clothes are either Tara Starlet, Stop Staring! or vintage. We'll be booking tickets for 2012 too, but i'd better start saving now, i spent way too much on clothes!! :D


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