14 Aug 2011


I have been rather quiet on the blog front this week, firstly as I started a new job on Monday but mainly due to the horrific rioting and looting that's swept Britain. It felt very inappropriate to blog about such unimportant and frivolous things when people were in fear and subjected to such awful violence. While there was only a small amount of trouble that was quickly stopped where I live, my heart broke for the people that have been affected.
However I was overwhelmed to see communities coming together to protect and clean up their neighbourhoods, It's the only way we can beat these troublemakers, if we all stand together! These few words don't come close to my sadness and anger on this subject, however I do not wish to use this blog to air my opinions on what should be done and why I think this happened. I would like to say a huge Thank you to our nations emergency services for such a wonderful job in doing their best to keep us safe.

Today we had some much needed sunshine to lift our heavy hearts - 

In my garden both front and back I have grown sunflowers again this year, I love them as they are such a happy flower.



  1. oh I LOVE you in this dress, you look even happier than the sunflowers ♥ ♥

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